Spring 2022 Exhibitions at Hamilton Artists Inc.

Table, Manors
Kareem-Anthony Ferreira

On view until May 14, 2022

Hamilton Artists Inc. is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Hamilton-born painter Kareem-Anthony Ferreira. The works in Table, Manors reimagine moments from Ferreira’s Trinidadian family members’ lives, focused around the dinner table. The images of preparing, serving, regarding, and eating food produce a rich exploration of not only Ferreira’s memories, but broader themes of colonialism in the Caribbean.

Ferreira’s painterly style recalls the composition and lightning of vernacular photography, often catching subjects mid-gesture and from a high angle. Their eyes are widened and look toward the viewer, while their faces glint with the bright light of the camera’s flash. These compositions, pulled from actual photographs collected by the artist, are in the productive tension with the materiality of his paintings, which incorporate collaged and textural motifs inspired by the environs surrounding his family’s home.

Simmering beneath the surface of Table, Manors are vestiges of European colonialism still deeply embedded in Caribbean culture, including within food and dining customs. While Ferreira’s practice often takes on the afterlife of British occupation of Trinidad, this body of work specifically explores the “table” and the “manor,” the latter phrase evocatively recalling the term “manner,” as in managed comportment, as well. As Ferreira explains, the inclusion of the fine china, elaborate dining room furnishings, and table decorations are colonial imports that have become an entrenched sign of civility in Caribbean households. But what most interests Ferreira are moments that break that script: a child feeding her father; a group of bodies gathered around–rather than seated at–a table; an ad-hoc meal of finger foods. Table, Manors is an exhibition built on the bedrock of such moments of communal excess and joy.

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Inner Dialogue
Angela Marino, Amanda McKinney Sparrow, and Vick Naresh

On view until May 14, 2022

Art has often served as a tool for exploring personal and collective identity. Artists have been attempting to understand the world around them through practices of self-representation for thousands of years. With the invention of sophisticated mirrors and photography, artists’ ability to depict themselves became easier. The advent of affordable film cameras gradually placed authorship in the hands of not only artists but the general public as well. As a result, definitions of portraiture have expanded and grown incredibly complex over the last several decades. Regardless of the approach or medium at hand, self-representation is now a common, perhaps even an everyday practice. The question remains, what do portraits say about our sense of self? How do these depictions communicate relationships with community, the world, or the universe? Inner Dialogue brings together works by artists Angela Marino, Amanda McKinney Sparrow, and Vick Naresh who each investigate identity through diverse styles of portraiture painting.

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take care
Karice Mitchell

On view until June 30, 2022

take care is a photographic installation on the Inc.’s exterior Cannon Project Wall. With this work, artist Karice Mitchell seeks to unapologetically represent blackness as a site of resistance. Historically, Black women’s sexuality was central to their exploitation. Their sexuality continues to be systematically constructed and controlled through the white gaze, casting Black women as undesirable and “other” in order to normalize violence against them. Due to the ways in which Black women have been stereotyped as hypersexual beings in an effort to preserve white supremacy, Black women are often deprived of exercising full sexual autonomy. By re-appropriating and reclaiming Black erotic imagery, Mitchell subverts this history to begin redefining and reimagining possibilities for Black sexuality to exist beyond its historical construction. The words “take care” gesture to the importance of carving space for Black women to take care of themselves while acknowledging a collective history. Through enacting care, healing can be fostered to imagine empowering possibilities for existence.

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Abedar Kamgari, Programming Director

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Images (top to bottom):
Kareem-Anthony Ferreira, Grandfather Snaggs, 2021. Acrylic and mixed media painting. Courtesy of the artist.

Amanda McKinney Sparrow, Midnight Selfie, 2019. Acrylic and coloured pencil. Courtesy of the artist.

Karice Mitchell, take care, 2021. Detail. Courtesy of the artist.