Akimbo is Canada’s online source for exhibitions, events, screenings, jobs, calls for submissions and more, alongside news and reviews. We specialize in promoting information and opportunities related to contemporary visual arts, public art, fine craft, film/video, and new media.


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Our services include email distribution, website display ads, web postings, and social media promotion of our clients news, opportunities, exhibitions, and events.

Akimbo reaches arts audiences, attendees, media, and arts sector professionals – including curators, administrators, management, artists, funders, and other arts professionals  – with your messaging.

Akimbo campaigns generate attendance, submissions and applications, and stimulate interest and engagement with your news, opportunities, exhibitions, and events. Akimbo clients get more prominent national profile, more viewers, subscribers, applications, submissions, and bigger attendance numbers.

Akimbo provides our followers, subscribers, and online readers with valuable opportunities for career advancement, useful and interesting information about what is happening now in contemporary visual arts throughout Canada. Akimbo provides both personal and professional enrichment.

Akimbo is focused and selective about the information we distribute. Akimbo will not distribute political campaigns or any content that may cause harm to an organization, community, or individual.

To book a service, please email us at info@akimbo.ca.

Include which services you are interested in, the dates you would like, and a brief description of your content. We’ll work with you to plan your campaign. We will provide you with a booking confirmation that includes deadlines, content submission guidelines, and payment information.

Services at a Glance

Website Display Advertisement

  • 300 px wide x 250px high Box Ad appears on the akimbo.ca homepage
  • If you need help to design your ad graphic we can create it for you for a fee

Web Post

  • A full web page dedicated solely to your content (up to 1,000 words and 4 images)
  • Appears in the Listings section on akimbo.ca

Pinned Web Post

  • Your Web Post is pinned to the first position at the top of the akimbo.ca homepage for 3 days

Akimbo Email & Web Post

  • An email dedicated solely to your content (up to 1,000 words and 4 images)
  • Akimbo email is sent once to all appropriate segments of our subscriber list
  • Your content appears in a Web Post – a full web page dedicated solely to your content, posted to the Listings on akimbo.ca
  • Your complete content appears the same, in its entirety, on your Web Post and in your Akimbo email
  • Up to five Akimbo emails go out per day on weekdays

Akimbit Email & Web Post

  • Your short-form text (40-50 words) and thumbnail image appear in an email with other organizations Akimbits
  • Akimbit email is sent once to our subscriber list
  • Your longer-form content (up to 1,000 words and 4 images) appears in a Web Post – a full web page dedicated solely to your content, posted to the Listings on akimbo.ca
  • Two Akimbit emails are sent on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.

Social Media Packages

  • Your content is posted multiple times to our Instagram, Threads, X (Twitter), and Facebook followers
  • You may add funds to have your Facebook and Instagram posts boosted

Email Promotion for Existing Web Post

  • This is for you, if you booked only a Web Post and later decide that would like to add email promotion for your message. Your email goes out on an available date after the Web Post has gone live online. Your email content is based on your existing Web Post, and links directly to the Web Post.

Edit an Existing Web Post

  • We can edit a detail (such as update a deadline date, or correct a spelling of someone’s name) in your existing Web Post, for a small editing fee.


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Akimbo Stats


Akimbo readers, email subscribers and social media followers are contemporary arts audiences, attendees, media, funders, and arts sector professionals. 

We have more than 10,000 dedicated email subscribers. Depending on the content and email subscriber preferences, each email campaign goes to 6,500 – 8,500 subscribers.

In 2023, Akimbo.ca had 255,558 users whose visits generated more than 1.1 million events and 695, 271 page views on the site.

Our website currently has an average of 26,000 users per month, and 175,000 events each month, with 64,000 page views per month (as of Q4 of 2023).

Morning is the busiest time for people reading content on our site.

74% of readers are in Canada, 12% are in the USA, and the rest are in Germany (2.5%), China (2%), UK (1%), France (1%) and India (1%).

Akimbo has 37,000 social media followers. 11K Facebook followers and a rating of 4.8/5 stars, 12.3K X (Twitter) followers, and 13.3K Instagram followers, and a new LinkedIn account that is growing. Social engagement is most active in the afternoons and evenings.


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