Rita Hisar: Live In Colour

Social Art Gallery Cafe

Rita Hisar, Elephant: The Skin I Am In

Urban/Pop Art Contemporary Artist

April 1 – May 30, 2023
Reception: Thursday May 11, 6-8 pm
Social Art Gallery Café
Dundas Street, Across from Art Gallery of Ontario

Working only with a palette knife and acrylic paint, contemporary artist Rita Hisar creates bold and vibrant portraits, still life and wildlife paintings that come alive with colour and texture. Inspired by Urban/Pop Art, as well as the Fauvist and Expressionist Movements, her paintings exude a contrasting raw edge with playful bright colours. She elevates the ordinary – such as a cherry-into an extraordinary joyful painting, bursting with colour.

“I am always trying to capture the fragile Beauty of the moment- a smile, an ice cream cone, a cherry-everything has an intrinsic beauty to it, and it’s transitory nature makes it more valuable”.

Join us on May 11 between 6-8 pm for the Opening Reception and meet the Artist.

Rita Hisar, Audrey Hepburn: True Blue Icon

Rita Hisar is a Toronto-based Contemporary Artist who has painted her entire life but only seriously pursued art a few years ago after working as a lawyer and teacher.

Her studies at OCAD and Toronto School of Art have inspired her to create a unique Urban Art Style containing elements of Fauvism, Expressionism and Pop Art.

Her work can be found in private collections in North America and Europe. She is currently represented by New York Gallery Mahlstedt; Five 3 Gallery in California; Art By Toronto in Toronto and Art Provo in the Caribbean.

Rita Hisar, A Splash of Color: Blueberries

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