Lori Spring: Bus Station

Photographs By Lori Spring

Exhibition at the Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills Heritage Site and New Installation at 610 Bay Street.

The bus station at Bay and Dundas served Toronto for over nine decades as a vital, often life-changing hub of arrivals and departures for an ever-increasingly diverse population. It’s now been decommissioned. As a student and fledgling photographer in the mid-70s, influenced by photographers like Robert Frank and Cartier-Bresson, Lori Spring made a number of forays with her Leica M4 to what was then known as the Gray Coach Terminal. What she saw and photographed: a beautiful art deco building with a moody rundown aura about it; waiting passengers, locals, station workers, bus drivers.

Spring’s photographs – mysterious, sad, funny, beautiful – serve as a kind of elegy for and celebration of that moment and place.

EXHIBITION: final week of the exhibition of 106 silver gelatin prints, until July 31st at The Papermill Gallery Todmorden Mills Heritage Site (67 Pottery Road, Toronto). Artist will be present on July 30th & 31st from 2-5 pm.

NEW INSTALLATION: 114 large photographs in the Bay Street and Edward Street windows of the former Bus Station (610 Bay Street, Toronto). On now for an Indefinite run.

Lori Spring is a writer, filmmaker and photographer living in Toronto. In the late 80s her writing and photography work segued into filmmaking. She has photographic work in a number of galleries and institutions, including the National Gallery. Her films have garnered multiple nominations and awards as has her TV work as a writer, director and creative producer.

Both venues are at street level and are wheelchair accessible, and do not have multiple levels to view the work.

Washrooms are available at Todmorden Mills that are wheelchair accessible and have wide, obstructed access. Parking is available on site.

As the new installation is a public art installation, there are no washrooms available at this location, but the artwork is accessible at sidewalk level for viewing.

To find out more about Lori’s other work, upcoming events and exhibitions, please visit her website.

Instagram: @el.b.spring
Email: springuelle@gmail.com

All photographs ©copyright Lori Spring