Jason van Horne: Final Sale | Group Exhibition: o·ver·come


Jason van Horne, Subway, Final Sale installation, found material sculpture.

Jason van Horne: Final Sale
Group Exhibition: o·ver·come

October 9 – 31, 2021

ArtQuarters Gallery
1057 St.Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON, M6E 1A6

Jason Van Horne ’s Final Sale is a series of 13 miniature abandoned storefronts and retail spaces that have seen better days. Assembled from discarded cardboard and product packaging, remnants of a consumerist based society, these dilapidated buildings sport store signs and billboards advertising goods and services no longer available.

A forewarning of an unspecified cataclysmic event, people have moved on or disappeared entirely and the remaining decaying structures and overgrown streets are littered with mangled cars and debris. Just the remnants of a once bustling civilization.

Jason van Horne is a Toronto based artist and co-founder of the City Beautification Ensemble, a group of colour specialists dedicated to the visual enhancement of Toronto’s many dull and forsaken urban spaces. He graduated from the Sculpture/Installation program at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2003.


o·ver·come installation, Sandra Tarantino, Christine Kim, edmund law, Ross Bonfanti (clockwise from top left)

o·ver·come is a group exhibition inspired by the emotional state of being overtaken or overwhelmed by sentiments, yet having the ability to prevail.

Overwhelming often has negative connotations but instances of overwhelming bliss exist too. This show explores the juxtaposition between darkness and light with all the complicated nuances of being human. This dichotomy creates a relatable and honest space within the gallery for all to experience. Emotions are not a solid state, instead they are constantly in flux, and this show explores the complicated relationship we have with our sentiments.

The exhibition includes artists works by AWOL Collective including portraits by Paul R Turner, paintings by Dale Thompson, sculptures by Edmund Law, installation by Nurit Basin, paintings by Pamela Rosales, mixed media works by Ross Bonfanti, ceramic installation by Sandra Tarantino, as well as, paper cut drawings by artist Christine Kim, and abstract paintings by Anita Giancola.


o·ver·come installation, Paul R. Turner, Pamela Rosales, Dale Thompson, Nurit Basin, Anita Giancola (clockwise from top left)

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