IN/CAMERA – Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Image left: Carlotta – Horst Herget, Image right: Syzygy – Shelagh Howard

Exhibition Dates: May 14 – June 9, 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 15, 6-9 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 25, 2-3 pm

The Artists’ Network Gallery
638 Queen St.E, Toronto (entrance inside Dark Horse)

Gallery Hours – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-5, and Saturday and Sunday from 11-4. Other times by appointment, and people can call 416-999-2420 or 416-824-4643.

Accessible Venue

IN/CAMERA is a two person exploration of the nude figure featuring the work of Shelagh Howard and Horst Herget.

Relieved of the visual cues that clothing and cultural elements impose, we see humanity, connectedness, vulnerability and the universality of the human form and experience. Using techniques that span the history of photography, from the wet plate process invented in the 1850’s to in camera long exposures using digital equipment, the correlation between image and process becomes a part of the dialogue. IN/CAMERA refers to the creation of these images during the photographic process itself, rather than in photoshop or through digital manipulation, and also to the definition of in camera as a legal term, which means ‘in private. Together they explore the nude figure, revealing aspects of our private selves and opening a dialogue about what it is to be human.

Crucible – Shelagh Howard – 2019

Working in nudes and portraits, Shelagh Howard‘s work focuses on the layers of experience and memory carried within the human body. Her work explores the construction of the self, involving gendered beauty, body image issues, vulnerability, isolation and acceptance – as well as the ever-changing nature of relationships with ourselves and others.

Having worked as a professional photographer with corporate, commercial and editorial clients for two decades, Horst Herget finds himself constantly seeking out opportunities to stay connected to the artistic aspects of his craft. With collodion photography, he has found a process that transcends today’s digital perfection for a likeness that is more expressive of the human condition.

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Delicia – Horst Herget – 2018