World of Threads Festival 2023

Closing Soon: Only 10 Days Left!
Last Day: January 14, 2024

Local, National & International Contemporary Fibre & Textile Arts

October 10, 2023 – January 14, 2024
Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre, Oakville

Festival Curators: Gareth Bate and Dawne Rudman

The Amorphous exhibition curated by Gareth Bate and Dawne Rudman. Large works: Deborah Kruger and Melanie Siegel. Walls: Kate Sellar, Svetlana Turov, Susan Farquhar. Floor: Thomas Roach, G. Annie Whitty, Elaine Whittaker, Hannah Rothschild. Photo: Gareth Bate.

Festival 2023 Has Been a Huge Success

We hope you can join us for the final days of The World of Threads Festival 2023. The Festival is back for the first time since 2018! After having to cancel Festival 2020 and 2022 because of Covid, they are thrilled to finally return. Festival 2023 features 426 artworks by 115 artists from 15 countries. The festival is a leading international showcase of contemporary fibre and textile art. It’s a not-for-profit initiative with charitable status organized and curated by Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate with a team of dedicated volunteers. They believe that some of the most exciting and compelling artwork being made today is happening in the field of fibre arts. You can see examples of festival artwork on their Instagram @worldofthreads.

Countries: Canada, England, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, USA, Wales.

Admission: FREE!

World of Threads Festival
Winner of the People’s Choice Award 2023
from Ontario Culture Days: Spotlight Recognition Program.

67 of the artists and two curators at the opening reception. Artists travelled from around the world to attend. Photo: Albert Fuchigami.

Open Every Day

Overall Dates: Tuesday, October 10, 2023 – Sunday, January 14, 2024

2024 OPEN
January 2 – 14, 2024
Mon. – Sat. 10 am – 5 pm, Sun. 12 – 4 pm

January 14, 2024, 12 – 4 pm

Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre
2302 Bridge Road
Oakville, Ontario, L6M 2G6

Parking: FREE

Accessibility: This building is a physically accessible and inclusive space.

Check out our website for exhibition info, directions, and maps:
Download the Festival Brochure

Installations by Brigitte Amarger, Bonnie J Smith, Ixchel Suarez. Photo: Gareth Bate.


Major exhibition about abstracted natural elements. Artworks evoke organic things such as plants, leaves, trees, roots, seeds, reefs, rocks, feathers, algae, nests, soil, sediment, clouds and shells. They recall processes like new life, growth and decay.

  • Canada: British Columbia: Thomas Roach, Martina Edmondson, Ontario: Anna Wagner-Ott, Svetlana Turov, Elizabeth Babyn, Leisa Rich, G. Annie Whitty, Melanie Siegel, Mary Ann Rich, Hannah Rothschild, Elaine Whittaker, Susan Elizabeth Creskey, Susan Farquhar, Julia White.
  • India: Gopika Nath.
  • Mexico: Deborah Kruger.
  • New Zealand: Kate Sellar.
  • South Korea: Eunsun An.
  • USA: Illinois: Gretchen Jankowski, Karen Gubitz, Oregon: Darilyn Bennett, Rhode Island: Sonja Czekalski, Pennsylvania: Margery Amdur, Stefanie Zito.

Solo Shows

Outstanding bodies of work by 50 artists.

  • Canada: British Columbia: Catherine Phillips, Robin Wiltse, Susan Purney Mark. Nova Scotia: Penny Berens, Ontario: Svetlana Turov, Linda VanWyk, Elizabeth Babyn, Marla Panko, Lorraine Roy, Breeyn McCarney, Karen Thiessen, Leisa Rich, Tuija Hansen, Tina Poplawski, Jen Arron, Victoria Carley, Jennifer Coghill, Loretta Faveri, Margaret Glew, Roxanna Kantarjian, Lorna Livey, Jane LowBeer, Sam Mogelonsky, Carolyn Murphy, Marta Mouka, Quebec: Helena Scheffer, Louise Lemieux Berube, Suzanne Paquette.
  • England: Sarah Waters, Christine Seager.
  • Finland: Päivi Vaarula.
  • Hungary: Eszter Bornemisza.
  • Israel: Maya Chaimovich.
  • Spain: Basque Country: Lourdes Elizalde.
  • USA: California: George-Ann Bowers, Deb Cashatt, Mirka Knaster, Linda Kollofski, Michigan: Heather Macali, Anna Kocherovsky, Missouri: C. Pazia Mannella, New York: Denise Kooperman, North Carolina: Mary Tuma, BR Goldstein, Ohio: Deborah Silver, Pennsylvania: Margery Amdur, Texas: Szilvia Revesz, Virginia: Tea Okropiridze, Washington: Mary Lane.
  • Wales: Ruth Harries


  • Canada: British Columbia: Joanna Rogers, Ontario: Judy Major-Girardin, Dagmar Kovar, Judith E Martin, Barbara Cook, Kelley Aitken, Lorna Livey, Elaine Whittaker, Ixchel Suarez.
  • France: Brigitte Amarger.
  • USA: California: Bonnie J. Smith, Michigan: Boisali Biswas, New Jersey: Joan Diamond, Pennsylvania: Carolyn Carson. US Virgin Islands: Theda Sandiford.

Forever Covid

Exhibition commemorating the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Canada: British Columbia: Maggie Tchir, Ontario: Susan Avishai, Bernadette Badali, Tracy Gorman, Michèle Guevara, Honey Mitchell, Leanne Powers, Elaine Whittaker.
  • Uruguay: Alison Schwabe

Cat Walk III

Exhibition focused on fashion and wearable-art.

  • Canada: British Columbia: Ilka Bauer, Ontario: Hafsa Murtaza, Dani Ortman, Pat Burns-Wendland, Gayle Kells, Chris Liszak, Melanie Siegel, Elina Tan, Susan Avishai, Tracy Gorman, Miriam Kaufman, Saskatchewan: Leeann Kroetsch.
  • England: Anne Kelly.
  • Netherlands: Marijke van Welzen.
  • USA: California: Marty Ornish, Roz Ritter, Cindy Rinne, Iowa: Judy Bales, Ohio: Kathy Knapp.


Exhibition featuring artworks about birds.

  • Canada: British Columbia: Barbara Heller, Ontario: Leisa Rich, Kelly McLeod.
  • England: Anne Kelly.
  • USA: Arizona: Carol Eckert.


Festival Organizers:
Dawne Rudman: Festival Chair and Curator, Administrator, Newsletter and Social Media.
Gareth Bate: Festival Curator, Photographer, Designer of Logo, Print and Digital Brochures, and Website, Instagram Reels.

Thank you to the Town of Oakville for the Cultural Grant.

Festival Installers:
Gareth Bate, Melissa Bieman, Chris Booth, Freda Cott, Heidi Daughney, Caren DesBrisay, Carolyn Dinsmore, Alan Goulart, Jeanne Hamill, Margaret Kirwin, Dianne Pearce, Susan Richard, Dawne Rudman, Carol Stanley, Jean Towell.

Melissa Bieman: Festival Vice Chair, Carol Stanley: Coordinator of Volunteers and Gallery Sitters, Caren DesBresey: Art Bus Tour, Festival Helper, Albert Fuchigami: Artist Portrait Photographer, Jeanne Hamill: Reception

Thanks to:
Tonia Di Risio, Alan Goulart, Dianne Pearce, Susan Amaral, Bernadette Ward, Graham Jackson. All artists who installed their own work. All volunteer Gallery Sitters. Admin, Culture and Operations staff at QEPCCC. Oakville Arts Council and the Town of Oakville. Carolyn Cross, Chris Selman. Loan of Judy’s: Oakville Museum & local artists.


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