Request for Information: Works by Quebec sculptor Anne Kahane

Anne Kahane c. 1959

A Call for Help!
Art Collectors! Art Aficionados!

Let me introduce myself: I am Joyce Millar, an art historian and former Director/Curator of the Stewart Hall Art Gallery, in Pointe-Claire, QC. I am in the final stages of producing a bilingual monograph on 98-year-old Quebec sculptor Anne Kahane (tentative publishing date: September 2022).

Kahane’s international career spanning six decades was launched with prizes for her maquette The Unknown Political Prisoner in London, England (1953), and Ball Game (MNBAQ) in the Concours artistique de la Province de Québec (1956). In 1958, she achieved the honour of being the first female Canadian sculptor to exhibit at the Venice Biennale.

Anne Kahane, Snowstorm, 1956

While major sculptures by the artist are in the collections of over twenty museums and galleries across Canada, a large number of works remain in private collections. Most were bought from Galerie Agnès Lefort in Montreal or Isaacs Gallery in Toronto in the 1960s and 1970s.

A number of these works I discuss in the book. However, unfortunately, I have not been able to identify the current owners.

Are you the proud owner of one of Anne Kahane’s sculptures? Or have you inherited a beautiful wood sculpture marked with the initials AK.?

Please contact me at Thanks for your help!

Images (left to right): Anne Kahane, Woman in Italy, 1957; Anne Kahane, Group in the Street, c. 1950.