NUBE Artist-in-Residence Call for Submissions


Deadline: July 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm.
To apply please fill out this form

About the residency:
NUBE is a virtual artist-run centre built and hosted on Minecraft, created by Colectivo Satelital to foster emerging artists through commissioned digital works. “Nube” means “cloud” in Spanish and references the digital cloud of data and information; additionally, in English it is pronounced “new-bie”, inferring digital slang to describe amateur players in video games. We aim to create a platform that makes art more accessible and understandable to large audiences by bridging gaming and the arts.

NUBE’s Artist-in-Residence program will invite two emerging Ontario artists to participate in a six-month self-directed virtual artist residency. We define “emerging” as artists with zero-to-limited exhibiting experience, and less than 5 years of professional practice. We will support you through training on the Minecraft gaming platform, assist in discussions through the development of new work, guide you through professional development assistance related to your practice, and organize and market a culminating two-person exhibition taking place from March to May 2022.

The residency will take place from August 1st, 2021 to January 31st, 2022 and bi-weekly meetings will take place on Zoom or Discord. Artists will be paid $1888 for participating ($150 honorarium for participation, a $357 creation fee, a $1059 presentation fee, and a $322 artist talk fee). Artists will also be awarded a subscription to Minecraft.

About Minecraft:
Minecraft is a sandbox-like video game that provides players a world with a near-infinite amount of resources, allowing artists the freedom to create within a space of limitless possibilities. The project will take place on Minecraft’s Creative Mode which offer the possibility to build, adapt, create and alter spaces from scratch, interact in various ways through their character, and more. We encourage proposals that push the possibilities of digital platforms and using digital tools. No previous experience in Minecraft is necessary to apply to this program.

About Colectivo Satelital:
Colectivo Satelital is a group of artists, designers, DJs and poets from Venezuela, with the goal of healing the shared and unique traumas of diasporic experiences. We aim to educate and foster community participation through events, exhibitions, workshops and storytelling, bringing us closer to a world free of oppressive systems.

Please note that this residency is only open to Ontario artists at this time.

Deadline to apply: July 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm. To apply, fill out this form.
If you have any questions, email us at

The NUBE Artist-in-Residence Program is made possible through the support of EQ Bank.