Red Head Gallery presents an exhibition exchange with plan.d. produzentengalerie collective


July 19 – August 5, 2023
Opening Reception & Performance: Wednesday, July 19, 6-8pm
Artists Conversation: July 20, 12pm at Goethe Institute
(100 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 1V6)

The Red Head Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition exchange with the plan.d. produzentengalerie collective based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

From July 19 to August 5, the Red Head Gallery welcomes artists from plan.d. to exhibit in our gallery space at 401 Richmond St. West, Toronto. The Red Head Gallery collective artists will be presenting their works in Germany at plan.d.’s gallery, October 21 – November 12, 2023. Node applies to the shared similarities and differences evident in the coming together of these two collectives. Node is also the theme for each collective’s exhibition.

The multimedia artworks and installations by plan.d. and Red Head will include interpretations of ‘node’, ranging from math, to botany, to computer engineering, to medicine, and to social media. At its essence the concepts of intersection, confluence, and divergence will be brought together and distilled in their far-ranging exhibition.

There will be a collaborative installation by Red Head Gallery artists included in the exhibition responding to prompts/instructions sent by plan.d. members. Collectively, all Red Head members will create a single piece that incorporates all their reactions to the prompts.

Courtesy of plan.d.

plan.d. is an exhibition space and forum for artistic exchange. In addition to the commercial gallery landscape, plan.d.’s aim is to create a free representational space to show interesting and unusual art projects. The focus is on the exchange of ideas with artists at home and abroad. plan.d. was founded in 1999 as a “producer gallery” by master students and other autodidacts. Since 2001 they have been operating a modified “artists as gallery owners” concept.

Eleven plan. d. artists will be exhibiting their imagery, with 3 traveling to Toronto to be part of the event in person.

plan.d Artists:
Aljoscha Gößling, Andrea Isa, Christian Psyk, Heike Ludewig, Jyrg Munter, Katrin Laade, Maria, Lentzen, Peter Clouth, Simone Schroff, Sonja Tintelnot, Utta Hagen

Opening Celebrations and Artist Talks
The opening celebration at Red Head will be on Wednesday, July 19, from 6 – 8pm. A chance to not only see the work from plan. d. but also to connect in person with some of their artists. During the reception, there will be a live performance, Light & Heavy, initiated by plan.d. with the participation of Red Head members. Visitors are welcome to participate.

Collective conversation with Red Head and plan.d. artists, hosted by the Goethe Institute (100 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 1V6), will be Thursday, July 20, 12-noon. Hybrid format. Visit for more details.

For more info about plan. d., visit

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