Nikē Baneberry: Animating The Interior

The worm’s eye axonometric as a mode of critique, creating spaces for commoning and radical queer, disabled, and neurodivergent architecture.

Heavily shaded black and white graphite pencil on trace illustration. A view from below showing a small “sleeping” house.

Nikē Baneberry, Animating the Interior, graphite and pen on trace, 2023

Animating The Interior

Launching online December 31, 2023

This immersive illustration exhibit looks at how the capitalist enclosures of social life (how our shared complicated messy lives have been closed off from each other) are reproduced in our built environments. Springing forth from their examinations of the ways Queer, Trans, Mad, and Disabled folks are commoning their homes through their daily acts of subversion, misfitting, and rebellion, Nikē Baneberry reimagines common spaces where our most sacred needs are shared and cared for together. They challenge our culture of heteronormative single-family homes, institutions for the disabled and elderly, and disconnected production cycles through equal parts critical theory and optimistic imagination.

A worm’s eye axonometric illustration with pen linework on trace showing different rooms colliding into each other in an optical illusion.

Nikē Baneberry, Animating the Interior, graphite and pen on trace, 2023

Through worm’s eye axonometrics, an architecture drawing technique showing buildings from below, and accompanying writing, they bring their work to an online exhibit to present an immersive experience people can explore from the comfort of their bed. As both rural and disabled folks often face barriers to experiencing traditional art exhibits, Nikē Baneberry hopes this format offers new methods of engagement. Through engaging alt text descriptions and keyboard functions this exhibit is enjoyable for those viewing with assistive technologies

Visitors can also apply to have material printed from the exhibit delivered to them for free. If you would like to receive a mail at home exhibit box, please fill out the form on the webpage.

Brightly coloured drawing of a large bathing building. Shown from below and at zero degrees.

Nikē Baneberry, Animating the Interior, graphite, pen, and pencil crayon on trace, 2023

Nikē Baneberry (they/them) is a rural queer/trans artist and settler living in Sipekne’katik, Mi’kma’ki, also known as Nova Scotia. They combine queer/trans and crip theory with speculative fiction, anarchist visioning, and solar punk aesthetics. Their work asks the question: what might it look like if our spaces were organized around a praxis of care?

Nikē Baneberry is currently transitioning the twelve acres of land they live and work on into collective ownership through a project called Crows’ Commons. They have dedicated their time, art practice, architecture skills, and personal relationships to the development of an accessible rural commoning project.

A graduate from the University of Waterloo school of Architecture, graduating with the RAIC Student Medal, and the Ron Sims Purchase Prize, they now dream of being an artist, a builder, and a cheesemaker. They dream of collective writing, skill shares, shared queer parenting, a world with mutual aid and no money, a world with seasonal time and rituals.
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