Leeay Aikawa: Eternal Becoming

Leeay Aikawa
Eternal Becoming

April 21- May 31, 2022
Reception: May 3, 6:00 PM
The J-Spot, 240 Queen Street East, Toronto

Continuing my exploration of the human psyche and transpersonal experiences, Eternal Becoming invites you to an eco-mythological situation or a lucid dream scene through which I attempt to encapsulate the uncanny bond I have had with the invasive Spongy Moth species for the last two years. During this time, I delved deeper into yoga nidra, psychedelic experiences, and dream journals predominantly through Jungian-yogic insight.

When unpleasantly hairy Spongy Moth caterpillars infest the local landscape, they also stir up my unconscious field, contaminating my psychic process. They appear everywhere and manifest as the shadowy negative self who guides me to confront my own identity as an immigrant settler, and as a member of the Earth community in the Anthropocene.

They become a teacher and Goddess-like presence, which I call Lady Death Moth, who teaches me about human activities that impact all aspects of ecological devastation and illness we face in humanity today.

This shifting and paradoxical perception toward Spongy Moths, from objects of aversion to that of reverence, signifies my realization that everything has ‘‘two sides of one coin.’

I dreamt up the dualistic window spaces of The J-Spot, which separates east (right) from the west (left) as a highly suitable tool to invite viewers to the middle ground and embrace the tension of the opposites as a way to be aware in the dream and see the true state of affairs as a whole in a form of craft-mystical installation. Birth and death, love and hate, good and evil, proliferation and decay, past and future, light and dark; these are spectrums of aspects that have allowed me to appreciate each divine moment between while allowing me to understand who I am eternally becoming— constantly towards the opposite.

Image: The dreamer/ the goddess, photo by Leeay Aikawa

The J-Spot
240 Queen Street East, Toronto
Hours: Window display, viewable 24/7
Accessible on the day of reception. Partially accessible for the remaining dates.

Contact: leeayaikawa@gmail.com

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