It’s All Right Now – Toronto city-wide public art project captures life in COVID-19


It’s All Right Now, together with Toronto artists and creative thinkers like you, is building a collective time capsule of life today. Your time capsule submissions will be collected and unveiled in a public presentation in 2021, remembering Toronto’s psyche during this unprecedented moment in history.

Over 20 artists were asked to create a text-based work in response to the question, “What words are you living by?” The powerful works created speak to the diversity and multiplicities of this complex moment in a variety of ways: hopeful, fearful, forward-looking, introspective, joyful, even rousing.


For the weeks to come, this public art project will continue to roll out across Toronto’s streets, walls, civic landmarks, and digital public spaces; claiming the city itself as a canvas and reaffirming the importance of the public realm.

Send us the words you’re living by right now.
Visit to find out the many ways you can participate.


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It’s All Right Now is co-produced by Cossette with presenting partner The Waterfront BIA, as part of The Bentway 2020 season.

Image credits:
Top and middle: Photos courtesy of Samuel Engelking / Bottom: Photo courtesy of Grassroots Advertising.