Flavio Belli: Reflecting

Part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

May 11 – June 4, 2022
Reception: Saturday, May 14 from 12-5 pm with the artist in attendance.

ArtQuarters Gallery, 1057 St.Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Flavio Belli’s Reflecting

“Time and reflection change the sight little by little ’til we come to understand.” – Paul Cezanne.

Through asemic writing, photography and collage I have chased my demons, followed clues, unwrapped mysteries, rested on still waters, and breathed rarified air.

I have enjoyed the camaraderie of artists, exchanged recipes, experimented with techniques, and upended the intended use of imaging technologies.

Reflecting is my attempt to immobilize time, subvert conscious perception, and portray the spectrality of inner space.

After forty-seven years of photographing through glass and into glass, Reflecting is my dialogue with nature. A small portion of my constant search for the image of a picture.

“Flavio Belli returns to the flesh with direct action upon the copier window: belly pressed to glass. Belli proves that technology is just another lover, one to be loved. He is at once seduced and seducer in this beautiful show. Like all good art, it means a little more freedom from visual habit for anyone who wants it.” – A.A. Bronson, Proof Only, Vol.1, No.6, April 29 1974

Ceiling, photograph.

About Flavio Belli

In his first solo exhibition in 17 years, Belli presents images from his cousin’s Sharbot Lake residence.

Belli possesses a wide range of experience in the arts community. He is an artist, art consultant, curator and collector. He passionately advocates for community outreach, and works to foster awareness, understanding and enjoyment of public and personal art created by Canadian artists. His artworks form part of corporate, private, and public collections, including the National Gallery of Canada.

Doorway, photograph.

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