Eve Tagny: Lost Love – Saisons futures


Eve Tagny, Renewal, 2019

Lost Love – Saisons futures
Eve Tagny

Exhibition Dates: September 13 – October 26, 2019
Opening Reception: September 13, 6 – 8PM
Performance: September 13, 6:30PM

Eve Tagny’s Lost Love – Saisons futures is a story of love, loss, grief and hope. Taking place throughout the four seasons, it is a story rooted in the paradox of death in a garden–of life ending in the lush space of continuous living. It begins in summertime in South Africa when a young couple’s love is interrupted by a sudden death. The artist’s material portrayal of this story questions private and collective bereavement and healing processes, asking: how do we enact and carry grief? How are memories and trauma embedded in our bodies? How can nature help those mourning to restore healthy rhythms? Throughout the gallery Tagny brings together earthen objects such as soil, rocks, flowers and plants to exist in harmony with their material opposite: plastic. Synthetic sheets, used in forensics to demarcate the living from the dead, serve here as vessels for organic matter, for photographs and videos, and to partition space. The exhibition unfolds as an investigation into the reification of grief, and the healing properties of nature’s rhythms.

Monticule intérieurs
A performance with Florencia Sosa Rey and Eve Tagny

An invitation to reflect on the space we inhabit: a collaborative performance embodying questions pertaining to collective grief, transmitted trauma and resilience abilities.


Eve Tagny lives in Montreal in between her travels. She holds a BFA in Film Production from Concordia University and a certificate in Journalism from the University of Montreal. Navigating between writing, photography, video and plant-based installations, she explores themes pertaining to body politics and the evolving definitions of hybrid identities, and observes the creative ways in which marginalized individuals and communities commit to live rather than merely service and resist personal annihilation. Most recently, her practice has focused on restoring traumatic disruptions through nature. Her work has been exhibited abroad and in Canada, in places such as at the Gladstone Gallery and Xpace Centre in Toronto, and most recently at Never Apart in Montreal where she presented her first photobook publication as part of her first solo show entitled Lost Love. Tagny has recently been shortlisted for the 2018 Contemporary African Photography prize (CAP).


Eve Tagny, Premonition, 2014

Sheepskin Ballads and Gentleness Hymns
Erin Whittier

Exhibition Dates: September 13 – October 26, 2018
Opening Reception: September 13, 6 – 8PM


Sheepskin Ballads and Gentleness Hymns is an installation comprised of a long poem, found objects, handmade sculptures, and photographs. Like a flame flickering from a lantern, it is a small, illuminated, wandering eye in the dark confusion of our times. Guided by farming, backwoods, and rambler cultures as beacons of autonomous community prosperity, this work focuses on the mysterious magic and holy potency of nature and living amidst it.


Erin Whittier
With a drifting art practice, meandering the woods and hills of so-called “Canada” and Turtle Island, Whittier is a lens-based artist focusing on their relationship to land, through still and video imagery, poetic text, and performance. Their practice is rooted in phenomenology, mindfulness, rewilding and green anarchism, and is inspired by decolonial and intersectional political justice. No longer rapt in the blind turbulence of capitalist society, Whittier’s work is driven by active participation and slow engagement with the world. the spiritual feeling of hands caked with dirt, and the autonomy of the self and community. A recent graduate from Ryerson University (Toronto, CAN) in Visual Art Photography, they have participated in shows and artist residencies internationally, including New Zealand, Mexico, Ontario British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.


Erin Whittier, Gentleness Hymn (this work is a love song), 2019.

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