Carson Teal: Sentient Windows

Carson Teal, Zenith (still), Video Animation (3D Render, Rotoscoping, Practical effects), 2022

Sky Fine Foods and J Spot Gallery present:
Carson Teal, Sentient Windows

February 19 – April 12 2022

Sky Fine Foods is honoured to present Carson Teal: Sentient Windows as a multi-dimensional solo exhibition:
Virtually with Art Gate VR and Blackdove Art
Organically in collaboration with J. Spot Gallery at 240 Queen St. East Toronto.

Sentient Windows features a new body of work consisting of looping videos, moving images, printed stills, and installation. Each work is a fusion of digital, artificial, and hand-drawn methods that intertwine; emerging as resonating organic mirages and nuanced figments of digital dreams. A keen interest in ancient symbologies inspired Teal to create a language of glyphs, a layered ideography without semiotic purpose. Teal seamlessly involves hand-created elements within a mastery of digital methods, resulting in sophisticated ethereal textures that glimmer and evolve in each of the works.

Teal works within a global language of forms. A symbology derived in hybridity between digital and physical, where movements and mirages flicker, imbued with meaning that intentionally evades grasping.

Carson Teal, Emerald Heaven (still), Video Animation (3d Render, Motion Graphics), 2020

Carson Teal is an accomplished multidisciplinary visual artist and experimental music producer based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Teal is known for eloquent use of visuals and audio, creating moments and environments that transcend the confines of physical space. Teal interlaces hand-drawn elements, lens flares, pixels, AI frames, symbologies, and found objects within rich complex digital textures and elements of video projection to create immersive and mesmerizing atmospheres. Each work recalls a dream or fleeting recollection laden with nostalgia – memories familiar to the senses yet just out of articulation’s reach.

Teal’s multi-disciplinary practice creates an opportunity to be fully present in the moment, where a memory can be recalled within a myriad of senses.

Carson Teal, Prima Materia (still), Video Animation (3D Render, Motion Graphics, Photo Collage, Scanned materials), 2020

Sentient Windows invites the viewer to linger in each work, fabricating an exquisite and tenuous space where there is fusion between realities and expectations.

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Sentient Windows is available as a hybrid physical-virtual experience:

Toronto Local: J Spot Gallery, 240 Queen St East Toronto

Global experience: in 4k via the Blackdove App and ArtGate VR virtual gallery

Save the date and join Carson Teal, Sky Fine Foods and J Spot Gallery for a reception with drinks and remarks: April 3rd 2022, 5pm at 240 Queen St. East

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