Call for Submissions: The Water Edition, photoED magazine

Call for Photography Submissions: The WATER edition
photoED magazine

Deadline: June 1, 2023

photoED magazine’s next issue will feature the work of photographers exploring WATER. Water is poetry, danger, life, healing, politics and more.

photoED magazine is looking to PUBLISH:

  • Diverse interpretations that challenge us to think about WATER in a new way.
  • Well considered submissions – This is a project/ idea that you have laboured over
  • Fine art – NOT stock photography, although commercial work is welcome!
  • Original artistic work
  • Existing projects/works only. This is not a call for commissions.

Submissions are open to:

  • Emerging photographers and established pro’s. ALL are all welcome!
  • photoED PATRONS + subscribers to our PRINT editions submit their work for FREE as community members, and they will automatically receive their print copy of the WATER edition when it’s printed in August 2023.

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