Call for Submissions: Indigenous Art Installation at Seneca College, Seneca@York Campus

Call for Interest: Indigenous Art Installation at Seneca College, Seneca@York Campus

Deadline for submission: June 22, 2022
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Seneca College invites visual artists of First Nations, Métis, or Inuit origin to submit interest for the commission of an original artwork reflecting The National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day, to be installed on the courtyard windows at the Seneca@York campus.

About the Theme
Seneca is a signatory institution to the Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes, which recognizes and affirms our responsibility and obligation to Indigenous Education. As part of this, the college supports students and employees to increase understanding and reciprocity among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

The Seneca@York courtyard mural project aims to provide a visual anchor for the campus community in reflecting Indigenous culture, history, and teachings, in particular support of The National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day.

How the Work will be Produced and Displayed
The selected artwork will cover the surface of area of the south-facing window glazing feature at the Seneca@York campus overlooking the interior courtyard of the campus building (door and door frame area not included). The complete surface area dimension of this area is 28.7m X 6.4m, segmented into many window panels of three different dimensions.

Application of the selected artwork onto these windows will be via translucent non-permanent adhesive vinyl, which will allow sunlight to still permeate the interior of the building. As such, the final artwork submitted by the artist will be in digital format for output by a third-party production house to prepare the individual panels for application. Seneca will provide short-listed artists with a design template to ensure any working drafts and final files are made to printing specifications. Artists will be given technical specifications of the final files.

In addition to window display, the college will enter into discussion with the artist for possible other uses such as t-shirt reproduction as fundraising item for Indigenous student scholarships.

The Process for Submission
This first step in this call for submissions is to complete the simple online form here to express interest, provide information about yourself and your work, and contribute a short written description of your artwork concept and relevance to the theme. No concept sketches are required at this time. Using the selection criteria below, a panel of stakeholders from the Seneca community will review the submissions and invite up to three artists to move onto phase two of the selection process. The selection panel will consist of members of the First Peoples@Seneca office, The Senior Advisor to the President on Reconciliation and Inclusion, a representative from the Seneca Art Committee, and selected faculty.

Phase two will consist of the short-listed artists submitting concept sketches and low-resolution design mockups of their proposed project to demonstrate what the completed project would look like in situ. Any artists invited to participate in phase two will be offered a contract for this work and compensated $1000 for their draft submission. From these submissions, the selection panel will determine the final selected artist and work for full commission. The fee for the commission will be $12,000 CDN.

Types of work considered
The artist may incorporate any number of visual media in their proposed work, including but not limited to:

  • Visual art (digital drawing, illustration, comics, digital paint, collage, etc.)
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design (typography, panels, etc.)

Securing of any rights for imagery not owned by the artist will be the responsibility of the artist.

The work may be conceived as one unified image covering all window glazings or as segmented panels.

June 22: Deadline to submit Call for Interest
June 24: Selection panel determines short-listed artists and invites to submit for phase two
July 8: Deadline for concept sketches/design mockups of proposal
July 15: Selection panel determines artist for final commission
August 31: Submission of final files by artist to Seneca for printing and installation
September 30: Public unveiling

Selection Criteria
Submitted works will be assessed by a panel of reviewers. Any work that meets the criteria below will be considered for phase two:

  • The work is submitted by a First Nations, Métis, or Inuit origin artist residing in Canada
  • The work described in the proposal is the original creation of the person submitting it
  • The work described reflects the theme
  • The execution of the work fits the timeframe for production and installation.

Note: in order to ensure diversity of Indigenous work for each year of the display, any single artist will be commissioned no more than once every five years for this installation.

Display Period
The work will be unveiled on September 30, 2022, and will be displayed for approximately one year. Seneca intends to issue a call for submissions each year to enable continuous opportunities for Indigenous artists to present new ideas that reflect the meaning of truth and reconciliation as it evolves over time.

How to Submit
Complete the form at:
Deadline is June 22, 2022.

Contact: Mark Jones, Chair, Seneca Art Committee
1750 Finch Ave. E., Toronto, ON M2J 2X5