Call for Submissions: “Discover DUKE” Photography Exhibit


Call for Submissions “Discover DUKE”
Photography Exhibit

The name Duke Heights comes from the first two letters of DUfferin Avenue and KEele Street, and its location, at the northernmost and highest part of the City of Toronto. Nestled between Downsview Park and York University, and stretching from Steeles to Sheppard and from Keele to Dufferin, Duke Heights is an area accessible via TTC, GO transit, the 401, 400 and 407 Highways and soon, via the Finch West LRT, currently under construction.

Sitting on employment land, the area is a great home to 2,500 businesses including large manufacturers, food producers, retail, restaurants, auto shops, sport arenas, medical facilities, offices and professional services; moreover, Duke Heights still has a lot of untapped potential and growth opportunities.

DUKE Heights BIA’s primary objective is to promote and beautify the area, provide support to businesses in the area, encourage new investments, create vibrant public spaces, and instill a sense of pride in our community.

“Discover DUKE” is an initiative that is made possible through the generous support from City of Toronto/ArtworxTO, as part of the Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021.


Duke Heights BIA would like to invite all aspiring photographers, young and seasoned, amateurs or pros, students, professionals or retirees, from our community and beyond, to explore our land (only the area stretching from Steeles to Sheppard and from Keele to Dufferin) and submit unique photographs that capture the essence of our area. We encourage submissions from the entire community. Duke Heights BIA values and is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Selected photography will be exhibited on a Virtual Exhibition that would be promoted via multiple channels, as well as on public spaces, including but not limited to construction hoarding surrounding constructions sites in our area, beginning Spring of 2021. The photography exhibition will stand tall for months to come and will create a strong visual impact in the community.


An honorarium of $500 will be received by the top 10 featured photographers, for their top picture. Each selected photographer will be credited in all exhibits materials as well as on any public places displays.

What we would be looking for?

  • Images that tell a story;
  • Images that allow the viewers to emotionally connect to the story, place or subject;
  • Images that portray and reflect the following:
    ▪  vibrancy, diversity, inspiration, colour, movement, community, etc.
    ▪  our area’s natural, landscape and architectural elements (please remember the boundaries);
    ▪  street photography in our area;
    ▪  BIA’s public spaces that you appreciate or frequent in our area;
    ▪  BIA’s vision of change, opportunities and potential;
    ▪  the challenges and effects of Covid-19 on our business community;
    ▪  BIA’s hidden gems and corners.
  • We are encouraging a wide variety of photographic practices and techniques. We accept images captured with a smartphone or any other cameras.

Submission Process:

  • Contestants must be able to prepare digital files according to the guidelines outlined below, fill out the online entry form which includes uploading the photograph files.
  • Contestants must also have access to a valid email address for communication with Duke Heights BIA.
  • Each photographer has to submit up to 20 images for consideration. Photographers will need to name each image and add a brief caption for each one (location, symbolism, etc).
  • Incomplete submissions, or those with images that have not been uploaded with the required naming conventions, will not be considered.

Photographers are invited to submit original photography for consideration no later than Monday, January 25th, 2021 4:00pm ET via this online submission form:

File Format

  • Files must be in JPG format. Please size the file so that the longest dimension is 1500 pixels and set the quality to “high.” Ideally, the image should be proportionately scaled to the optimal display resolution of between 120-150 DPI when printed at eight (8) feet height.
  • In order to ensure fair judging, please include no signatures or watermarks that would reveal the name of the photographer or image on the photo itself.
  • Images with large amounts of white or lightly coloured negative space are discouraged.
  • File names should be constructed as follows: FirstNAME_LastNAME_PhotoNAME


The photographer retains full copyright to his or her images. However, by entering this contest, it is implied and assumed that the contestant gives Duke Heights BIA permission to use the photographs submitted, without compensation, on the Virtual exhibit, Duke Heights BIA website, public spaces displays and all other Duke Heights BIA communications and releases which may appear in print or digital format. Duke Heights

BIA will credit the photographer when using their image for any purpose, unless indicated by the photographer otherwise.

Selection criteria and honorarium:

The top 10 photographs will be selected through a social media crowdsourcing process, including vetting from the BIA Staff, BIA Board of Directors and BIA Business Members.

The top 10 selected photographers will receive an honorarium of $500. The honorarium will be given to the top 10 photographers, only for their top picture (only one honorarium per photographer).


Submission: You may submit starting December 15th, 2020

Deadline to submit: Monday, January 25th 2021 at 4:00 PM ET

Crowdsourcing/Judging: The week of January 25th, 2021

Winners Announced: Last week of January 2021.