Call for Submissions – Back to the Grimoire: The Emerging Artists of the Occult

Call for Submissions:
Back to the Grimoire:
The Emerging Artists of the Occult

Submission Deadline: Monday, January 8, 2024, 11 pm
Exhibition Dates: February 14 – March 3, 2024 | Online to April 14, 2024
Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto

Propeller Art Gallery is seeking Submissions for Back to the Grimoire: The Emerging Artists of the Occult.

What is the “occult”? Most of us would probably hear the word and immediately associate it with demonic, dark imagery. However, it can also be a presentation of self-expressionism, an exploration of the subconscious and the analysis of breaking conformity. The Oxford dictionary defines “occult” as a series of supernatural, mystical or magical beliefs, practices, or phenomena from a wide range of cultural backgrounds – Norse, Celtic, Egyptian and other Pagan religions like Wicca. It comes from the Latin term “occultare”, meaning secret or hidden. This exhibition focuses on how we utilize the occult in contemporary art practice. How does it inspire you? How do you view the occult? It’s back to the grimoires, artists!

Submission to this Juried Exhibition is for Emerging Artists only. An Emerging Artist is defined as an artist who has been exhibiting their work publicly for less than five years. You DO NOT have to self-identify as pagan, wiccan, etc. to submit. We ask only that you utilize the occult as a source of inspiration in the contemporary, and can come from any cultural background.

We encourage Submissions in ALL mediums including painting, drawing, illustrations, sculpture, video, installation, performance, audio, and photo-based works.

Online Submission Form

Entry Fee: $20 + HST to submit one to three works

Submission Deadline: Monday, January 8, 2024, 11 pm
Notification of Juried Results: Monday, January 15, 2024

About the Curator

Lex Barrie (they/them) is an emerging curator, art critic and multidisciplinary artist. Identifying as a divination/eclectic wiccan, their spirituality is engaged within their artistic practice. They are an undergraduate of the Criticism and Curatorial Practice program at OCAD University.

As a critic, Lex has written for various events in Toronto including Nuit Blanche, Art Toronto and The Artist Project, as well as for exhibits at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Propeller Art Gallery. Since 2022, they have curated and/or co-curated 6 group exhibitions including a virtual exhibition in collaboration with the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA), the Archives of Ontario and OCAD, and another with the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF), showcased at Propeller Art Gallery in early 2023. These exhibits demonstrate themes from the philosophy of beauty, human connection to nature and visual reflections of mental illness.

About the Gallery

Propeller Art Gallery is an artist-run co-operative and exhibition space in Toronto’s Queen West Art + Design District that supports innovative, sustainable programming. Propeller garners critical acclaim and engages public interest by supporting the creative, curatorial, and commercial endeavours of artists. Its primary focus is to support member artists in their careers through innovative programming and practical professional experience including exhibition design and installation, promotions, sales and fundraising. Since 1996 Propeller Gallery has engendered a supportive community that heightens awareness and appreciation for the arts by providing captivating and inclusive programming, community building, networking, and partnership opportunities.


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