ArtBeat Podcast Returns: Celebrating Canadian Art with Season Two

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Season Two of ArtBeat kicks off on June 5, 2024, and the excitement is palpable as a new series of engaging episodes is set to be shared. Join the enthusiastic host, Katie Marks, every week as she explores the dynamic world of Canadian art, uncovering the narratives, inspirations, and creative paths of the nation’s most brilliant artists.

This season, a stellar lineup of guests will be presented, including the “Queen of Double Eyes” Alex Garant, the versatile Briony Douglas, the poignant Kim Dorland, the eco-conscious Vladimir Kanic, the inventive Dominique Sirois, the avant-garde Vickie Vainionpää, and the magnanimous Delali Cofie, among others. Whether you’re an art collector, a budding enthusiast, or simply art curious, each episode offers something unique.

Alex Garant, Web Pastures, 2024, Oil on Canvas Board, 30″ x 40″

The inaugural season showcased exceptional artists such as the thought-provoking Rah Eleh, the inimitable Daniella Williams, the atmospheric Huy Lam, and the imaginative Amelia Hadouchi. Season One’s compelling content genuinely connected with the audience, setting a high standard for the upcoming season.

From painters and sculptors to photographers and digital creators, ArtBeat connects listeners with the creative minds behind the art. Enjoy heartfelt discussions that uncover the determination, innovation, and passion fueling Canada’s art scene. The host’s engaging interview style ensures each conversation is insightful and entertaining, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and personal experiences that shape every artist’s craft.

Kim Dorland, Last Light, 2019, Oil on Linen, 96″ x 216″

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