Arlette Ngung: Connecting Through Our Diversity

Arlette Ngung, Connecting Through Our Diversity, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist

Gibson House presents Connecting Through Our Diversity: An Enlivened Textile Art Exhibition by Arlette Ngung

June 15th to July 3rd, 2022
Opening Reception: Sat, June 18, 5 pm RSVP here

With the participation of singer, song & story writer Binaeshee-Quae (Loon Clan) and in collaboration with curator Claudia Arana.


Connecting Through Our Diversity is a textile installation recognizing the complex colonial legacy of historical museums and institutions. Through the use of traditional African textiles, natural dye techniques and earth pigments, artist Arlette Ngung revisits the role and participation of women, indigenous communities, black abolitionist women and various diasporas in the construction of a collective history.

From a perspective of reconciliation, Arlette revisits archival documents and imagery to re-evaluate the way stories are being shared. Her work bridges cultural and generational lines to help break down social barriers, celebrate Tkaronto’s heritage, and open conversation between multi-ethnic communities.

Inspired by a previous collaboration with singer and song writer Binaeshee-Quae (Loon Clan), Gan wein daas ma ja yeain (I’ll Keep While You’re Away) song will be featured during the opening reception and programming events.

Artist Arlette Ngung acknowledges the assistance of Samra Swidinsky and Kiyara Dahane and the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council.


Gibson House Museum
5172 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 5P6

Wed – Fri 11-5pm / Sat, 11-7pm / Sun, 11-5pm

Arlette Ngung, Connecting Through Our Diversity, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist


Opening Reception
Sat, June 18, 5 pm RSVP here
Exhibition Artist Arlette Ngung and Curator Claudia Arana will be onsite to celebrate and share aspects of their project with visitors.

Exhibition Tour
Sat, July 2, 5 pm RSVP here
Artist Artlette Ngung will be onsite sharing her creative process and research insights.


Arlette Ngung is an artist educator/ pattern maker inspired by tradition, sustainability, weaving together old and new practices. She is devoted to the preservation and reinterpretation of traditional African Textile and natural dyeing techniques. One of her passion is to protect and share the historical heritage of African Art through her hands-on African Vegan Art textile workshops. | @ambus_arlette

Binaeshee-Quae (Loon Clan) is a singer, song & story writer, actor & community arts enthusiast from the North shore of Lake Superior. Exploring ways of expression and connection is the heart of their art. Binaeshee-Quae’s music is often described as haunting; the sound swaying between root and bud with onomatopoeically crafted lyrics. Passionate about community arts; Binaeshee-Quae has been involved as an artist, presenter, mentor, workshop facilitator, and volunteer since 2009, where they assist and lead in music, theatre, movement, and visual arts activities. | @binaesheequae


Claudia Arana is a Latinx Independent Curator and Cultural Connector who has installed her practice at the intersection of artistic platforms which promote diversity and inclusion of varied cultural perspectives. Drawing from a Mestizo background, Claudia’s curatorial work centers on in-between, and mixed cultures that develop along physical, political and social borders. Currently, she is the ArtworxTO Cultural West Hub Curator for the 2021-22 Toronto’s Year of Public Art. | @claudiaaranab


Gibson House offers visitors an opportunity to taste, smell and touch history in a way that few other museums can. Let your senses come alive in this engaging historical family home. Explore how David Gibson—Scottish immigrant, land surveyor, farmer, politician and rebel—put his mark on a community, a city, and the province.

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