AGO X RBC Emerging Artists Program: Summer Projects 2022

Proposition 3: String Figure. Figure 1. Differentiation with Ivetta’s indexical components. Performed by ijo and photo by Ivetta. 2022.

AGO X RBC Artist-in-Residence Program
Ivetta Sunyoung Kang performative conversation

Tuesday, July 19, 2022
8:30 – 9:30 pm EDT

Join Ivetta Sunyoung Kang for a performative presentation of her project Proposition 3: String Figure. Transformed from string figure games (a.k.a. Cat’s Cradle, one of the most ancient games across continents), the project will let ephemeral conversations with the friends become subjectively and independently invented figures represented by a string. Each string figure the friends will create is an anecdote of severe lockdowns during the pandemic, of those agoraphobia-inducing days and sleepless nights. By sharing their stories through the journey of their string figures, Kang and her companions prove that multidirectional companionship is possible in virtual space. Discover more details on the artist’s project here.

AGO X RBC Artist in Residence: Shion Sky Carter

Residency period: July 18 – October 25, 2022

The AGO welcomes the third AGO X RBC Artist in Residence, Shion Sky Carter, this fall. Shion will develop her performance and film Threading Echoes in collaboration with two Ontario-based artists, dance artist Mayumi Lashbrook (Toronto) and fibre artist Hitoko Okada (Hamilton). Threading Echos shares the history of “shifu”, a time-honoured, hands-on textile practice from 6th-century Japan, through contemporary dance. This work connects three artists, despite being tangled by the pandemic and stretched by geography, to honour their Japanese ancestry through dance and storytelling. Discover more details on the artist’s project here.

AGO X RBC Emerging Artists Exchange

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) welcomes three artist-researchers in 2022: Wenting Li, Gwenyth Chao and Anahi Gonzalez. Find out more about the artists and their projects here.

The artists submitted proposals for a mentorship program enabling them to pursue research into museum practices, audience engagement or the AGO Collection. Held virtually over the summer period, the program aims to offer paid learning opportunities and mentorship for emerging artists to further their artistic practices. With the support of mentors from across the Gallery, each selected artist will further their work with the aim of presenting their findings to the various teams at the AGO.

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