Vtape Partnership Project with the Centre for the Study of Black Canadian Diaspora: Program #2

Almost Forgot My Bones by Katrin Bowen and Tanya Evanson, 2004


Program #2
Of our inaugural partnership project with Dr. Andrea Fatona’s Centre for the Study of Black Canadian Diaspora


From January through March 2022, we are pleased to present two programs that launch our partnership with Dr. Fatona’s Centre for the Study of Black Canadian Diaspora. Working with two talented emerging curators, Temple Marucci-Campbell and Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa – both 4th year undergraduates from OCADU – these programs draw from the holdings of both Vtape and our sister organization the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. Both curators have found titles that are historically significant as well as super contemporary to reveal the aspirations and the strength of Black Canadian media artists.

Please join us on the Vtape website for these dynamic ON-LINE events. www.vtape.org

One title from each program is presented each Wednesday at 7PM ET and will continue to be available for the following week until the next title rolls out. Each program will begin with a LIVE ON-LINE introduction by the emerging curator followed by the first title in her program. After the final title plays, there will be a LIVE ON-LINE conversation between the curator and the featured artists from her program, moderated by Dr. Andrea Fatona.


curated by Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa

In Tell the Body, Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa brings together video works that explore the relationship between language and the senses as constructions of knowledge. Through videos of poetry, dance, oral history, and documentary, layers of thought are uncovered, giving form to the intangible nature of language. Tell the Body explores the capacity for language, the immaterial, to work with the senses, the physical, in forming generational knowledge within the body through Afro-diasporic experience. The program touches on the ability of the immaterial to inform the physical, producing ways of knowing that are sensuous in nature and exist in material form only within individual bodies, returning to a space of liminality as they are passed from one to another. FG-B

Introduction by curator Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa, with Dr. Andrea Fatona followed by the first title in her program:

1. Katrin Bowen and Tanya Evanson
Almost Forgot My Bones, 2004, 5:00

2. Donna James
Maigre Dog, 1990, 7:50

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2022 @7pm ET
3. Karen Miranda Augustine
I call myself, 2001, 2:30

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2022 @7pm ET
4. Nadine Valcin
Emergence, 2017, 6:35

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2022 @7pm ET
5. Dawn Wilkinson
Dandelions, 1995, 5:30

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2022 @7pm ET
6. Louise Liliefeldt
Hamartia, 2001, 11:00

Followed by a LIVE ONLINE conversation between Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa and featured artists from the program, moderated by Dr. Andrea Fatona.

Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa is a Nigerian-Canadian writer, curator, and interdisciplinary artist based in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her writing engages care theory, community, afro-futurism, and the archive. Her art practice and research centre Afro-diasporic experience to build an understanding of the ways archives of physical and immaterial knowledge are constructed in the Black community.