Vector Festival 2023: shadow work | Program Highlights

Vector Festival 2023: shadow work

July 6 – 16, 2023
InterAccess, Toronto

Vector Festival 2023: shadow work, curated by Mitra Fakhrashrafi, engages the formal and informal and mundane and arcane ways that classification systems attempt to contain the messy realities of our lives and shape our conditions. Confronting the work that both maintains and disrupts these systems, shadow work presents interventions on labour, the calculability of human life, the ungovernable, the echoes and reverberations of colonization and propositions for new, “life-giving” languages.

Through a hybrid online and in-person program of exhibitions, performances, screenings, and workshops, this 10-day festival invites artists and audiences to come together as we navigate the systems uninformed of our humanity.

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shadow work | Flagship Exhibition | July 6 – August 5, 2023
> Curated by Mitra Fakhrashrafi
Through AR, VR, solar power, and immersive projection, shadow work explores classification systems in contrast with the messy reality of our lives.
>> Opening Reception: July 6 | 7 – 9 PM

Worldbuilding towards… | Game Jam | July 7 – 16, 2023
> Curated by Bracy Appeikumoh
This participatory game jam encourages game makers to create worlds radically different from our current realities, ones that foster care, compassion, and community. Together, we’ll ask (and work to answer): what world would you like to live in?
Sign up to take part in the Game Jam and see more details here!
>> Game Jam panel: July 7
>> Game Jam studio sessions: July 10 – 14
>> Game Jam ceremony: July 16

Anthropo-digitalism | Multi-site Exhibition | July 6 – July 16, 2023
> Curated by keiko Hart
How does the digital (re)animate our environments? How do we imprint our humanness upon the digital, and how does digitalness imprint upon us humans? Ruminate on your human/digital reflections with the anthropomorphic inventions of Marisa Fulper-Estrada, Jon McCurley, Kristin McWharter, Lorna Mills, Sunny Nestler, and Seth Scriver. Details and locations TBA.

a language of bodies | Screening | July 12, 2023
> Curated by Fabiyino Germain-Bajowa
This screening brings together artists who are each transcending sealed forms and exploding the classification systems which govern “bodies”. By engaging physical bodies, bodies of water, and bodies of knowledge, these artists are working in the spaces between, celebrating the undefined and uncontrollable.
>> Q&A to follow screening on July 12

a LANpony LANparty | Performance | July 14, 2023
> Curated by ponyHAUS
In true hybrid fashion, you’re invited to a night of moving in and out of screen-based worlds. Contrast and draw parallels between our IRL and URL lives, supported by a selection of experimental music performances. Ticket details TBA.

A Very Human Screening | Screening | July 15, 2023
> Curated by Insomniac Film Festival
Go outside! Touch Grass! Logging off has become harder and harder to do. Our jobs, our social lives and our societal infrastructures have all moved online. Our identities, our bodies even, are shaped by the internet. So what now? Do we fight harder for our three-dimensional lives, or do we submit to the digital one we have? Joining us in pondering these questions with Insomniac in the genuine, outdoor, real life world.

Festival After Party | July 16, 2023
Details TBA, stay tuned.


SinkInSync: Creating Interactive VR with Brainwave Data | Online via Zoom | July 8
> Facilitated by Tiange Wang and Xin Feng
Explore creating interactive and responsive VR environments leveraging brainwave data using Unity3D, Muse Headband, and Oculus VR Headset (Muse Headband or the VR Headset not required to participate). Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have created a 3D environment with dynamic visual elements responsive to data, and obtained the knowledge to independently implement neurofeedback VR experiences with commercially-available tools.

Making a Solar-Server: DIY Web Design & Eco Media Art | In-person | July 22
> Facilitated by Imogen Clendinning
Learn about DIY Internet technology and solar-powered media with one of Vector Festival 2023’s exhibiting artists. Participants will be led through the creation of a static HTML web server hosted on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and a live demonstration on powering a microcomputer using solar energy.

More workshops TBA!
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