Two New Exhibitions Reflect on Isolation, Imagined Landscapes, Life and Death

Two Rivers Gallery, July 23 – October 3, 2021


Cat Sivertsen and collaborators*. The Covidian Garden Party, 2020. Mixed media accordion bound artists book.

The Covidian Garden Party – a coming of age
Cat Sivertsen

The Covidian Garden Party – a coming of age is an exhibition of work by Prince George-based artist Cat Sivertsen. Conceived of in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it explores isolation and mortality through landscape.

While recovering from life-saving surgery, Sivertsen had a vision of a party thrown in her honour. At the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, when in-person gatherings were prohibited, she invited 24 collaborators* to a Garden Party of the imagination. Sivertsen invited each “guest” to contribute a page recording the Garden Party as they imagined it, creating a sense of togetherness and collaboration in the face of isolation. The completed title work takes shape as an accordion-bound book.

Other works on view include airing it, an installation of linen towels and clothes lines evoking Siversten’s grandmother and her emigration to Canada from Northern Ireland and Firescapes, Sivertsen’s most recent body of work, an enveloping installation of mixed media drawings.

“Over the pandemic we have all experienced the kind of isolation that Sivertsen’s Covidian Garden Party was made to counteract,” says Curator & Artistic Director George Harris. “The imagined space that she and her collaborators defined is a moving testament to what it is to be human during a difficult time.”

A version of this exhibition will travel this summer and fall to Mackenzie, Valemount and McBride. Visit our website and social media pages for more information.

*Collaborators: Susan Barton-Tait, Canada; Gunhild Lorenzen, France; Alicia Proudfoot, Canada; Barbara Scholz, Canada; Kim (Gullion) Stewart, Canada; Graham Snow, England; Susan Jessop, Canada; Fran Quinlan, England; Lucy Strachan, England; Georgie Hawkes, England; Johannes von Stumm, England; David Atkinson, France; Tracie Stewart, Canada; David Atkins, England; Sandy Kirkby, France; Andy Kirkby, France; Diana Thorneycroft, Canada; Jason Kerley, Scotland; Laura Walcot, England; Johnny Hawkes, England; Cathi Charles Wherry, Canada; Annerose Georgeson, Canada; Sarah Grace Dye, Germany; B. Jane Cowie, Singapore.


Keith Langergraber. Holdover Peak, Monument 83, 2019. Film still. Courtesy of the artist.

The Wilderness of Mirrors
Keith Langergraber

Vancouver/ Kelowna-based artist Keith Langergraber’s exhibition The Wilderness of Mirrors explores a fictional narrative set around Monument 83, a wildfire lookout point on the Canada/US Border at the edge of EC Manning Provincial Park in BC. Using video, sculpture and drawing, Langergraber relates the story of a fire spotter, Chris, who we meet in Langergraber’s video of the same name.

Works in this exhibition are created from Chris’ point of view. Drawings ranging from stream of consciousness doodles to landscape studies, and a sculptural installation including a scaled-down version of the Monument 83 watchtower, reflect his perception of surroundings that seem perpetually in flux.

“Langergraber’s work touches on ideas around geography, personal utopias, regional ecologies, border theory and climate change. As BC emerges out of a pandemic and into an already devastating wildfire season, the exhibition’s themes of isolation, forest fire and the impact of catastrophe on mental health are particularly resonant,” states Harris.

Public Event

On the evening of July 22nd Two Rivers Gallery visitors are invited to attend a conversation between Cat Sivertsen and Keith Langergraber, moderated by Two Rivers Gallery Curator & Artistic Director George Harris. Following, visitors are invited to view the exhibitions with the artists in attendance. Advance registration is required a maximum of fifty visitors are permitted.


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