the8fest Small-Gauge Film Festival 2022

Film still from Maximilian Suillerot, Their families are sleeping (2022, Canada, 5:00 minutes, Super 8/digital transfer, sound)

Join us for the 15th edition of the8fest

Online, On-Demand programs at AND in-person events!
August 5th – August 11th, 2022

In-person workshops:

Super 8 How-To with Mivan Makia: July 30th – FULL
Phytograms with Franci Duran: August 6th – FULL
Projecting and Editing with Alexi Manis: August 7th – FULL

Special Live In-Person Film Event:

Home life during WWII and Canada at mid-century
Presented by the Home Movie History Project

August 7th, 8:30 PM EDT
In-person at Polish Combatant’s Hall Parking Garage
206 Beverley St, Toronto, ON

Film still from Steph Gray, Satanic Bible on Interlibrary Loan (2011, US, 9:00 mins, Super 8/digital, silent)

Online Artist Spotlight:

The Poetics of Space: Spotlight on the Super 8 Films of Steph Gray
Curated by Milada Kováčová
Online, on-demand, August 5th to August 11th at

Sponsored by The Images Festival

LIVE ARTIST TALK with Steph Gray in conversation with Milada Kováčová via ZOOM
August 11th at 7:00 PM Eastern (ASL and live closed captioning will be available)
Check out soon for the Zoom link

Film still from Morgan Sears-Williams, sway / pull (2022 Canada, 5:15 mins, Regular 8mm/digital transfer, silent)

Online and On-Demand Programs available everywhere at
August 5th – August 11th:

Bagaroo Fifteen, Volume 1
Volume 1 presents works by Gerald Saul, Calla Moya and Patrick Clancy, Justin Clifford Rhody, Laura Pitkanen, Eva Claus, Rich Fedorchak, Morgan Sears-Williams, and Sandy McLennan.

Featuring commissions from Katelyn Galucci, Midi Onodera, and Maximilian Suillerot.

Sponsored by Pleasure Dome.

Bagaroo Fifteen, Volume 2
Volume 2 presents work by Eva Claus, William Bessai-Saul, Suzanne Moreau, Lenore Maier, Lauren Fournier, Tetsuya Maruyama, Lea Rose Sebastianis, Hali Autumn, Sandy McLennan, Charlie Egleston, Boris du Boullay, and Alina Tretinjak.

Featuring commissions from Mivan Makia and Nada El Omari & Sonya Mwambu.

Film still from Sonya Mwambu, Circa (2020, Canada, 8:00 min,, Super 8/digital transfer, sound)

The Archive as Commemoration
Guest Curated by Mahlet Cuff

Presenting films by Hagere Selam (shimby) Zegeye-Gebrehiwot, Sonya Mwambu, Nesanet Teshager Abegaze, and Akosua Adoma Owusu.

“Radical thinkers who tirelessly imagined other ways to live and never failed to consider how the world might be otherwise” – Sadiya Hartman

The act of making an archive varies from the intentional to the unintentional. As each person has their reasons for wanting to hold on to certain memories, thoughts, experiences, etc. To be able to think back within our own histories and reimagine what is possible for not only the past and future but to consider the now. The forms that can hold on to remembrance give opportunity to think beyond what archives can look like and who is able to tell stories about specific timelines. In this series of small gauge 8mm films they explore the ways that moving image is a tool for archiving diasporic histories, holding memory, passing down familial stories and how an archive is not constructed to one form. Each filmmaker has their own method of how they are able to translate their message through 8mm film, one that is vulnerable, tedious, laborious and a performance of commemoration.

Sponsored by Archive/Counter-Archive.

Where Do We Go From Here? 15 Years of CFMDC and LIFT at the8fest
Curated by Jesse Brossoit at CFMDC and Cayley James at LIFT

Presenting films by Alexandre Larose, Kara Blake, Eva Kolcze, Lisa Nielsen, Martha Davis, Scott Miller Berry, Kika Thorne + October Group, Graham Hollings, E. Hearte, Jaene Castrillon, Marcos Arriaga, Zoe Heyn-Jones, SoJin Chun, Madi Piller, and Keith Lock.

CFMDC and LIFT occupy opposite ends of the filmmaking spectrum – distribution and creation – and small gauge filmmaking has been an essential format for our respective organizations since their founding in 1967 and 1981. Over the past five decades our memberships have often overlapped and our goal with this retrospective was to provide a glimpse into that rich creative history we have shared.

While sifting through the past editions of the 8fest we were drawn to the joyfulness and possibility of the medium and although the films vary in style and approach they are connected by an indelible sense of place. Specifically the urban landscape.

From abstract meditations on process, to diary and portrait films, and allusions to the travelogue, the city proves to be both familiar and frightening. It can be a lens through which to view the program, both as a literal and conceptual space. A place where we find community and can simultaneously decay our sense of self. But there are works that stretch those same themes into unexpected spaces: into the privacy of a bedroom, onto a familiar path through the woods, or long abandoned ruins. It is an intentionally eclectic lineup that exemplifies not only the past and present but future of small-gauge filmmaking in Canada.

Sponsored by CFMDC and LIFT.


the8fest is funded by the Canada Council of the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.