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The 14th Year of the8fest Small-Gauge Film Festival has finally arrived this July 9-11, 2021!

A little festival for small films is coming to you ONLINE.
Closed Captioning will be available.

A FREE EVENT. Visit our website at on these dates to get the link.

the8fest returns for its 14th year with 3 nights of screenings, performances, a dance party and an Artist Talk! the8fest is North America’s longest running festival devoted to all forms of small-gauge film. Take a peek at what’s in store for this year’s edition during the pandemic!

FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2021

The programming committee is thrilled to share two wonderful volumes of this year’s Bageroo programmes, selected from our open call for submissions. Special Thanks to Gloria Swain and Carol CeCe Anderson for their contributions as Programming Committee Members.

7:00 PM – BAGEROO Fourteen! VOLUME 1
Volume 1 takes us back to pre-pandemic times of travel and movement, tracing shorelines and landscapes (bodies, cities and countrysides) with the agility of Super 8’s handheld views. The films utilize the ability of small-gauge to draw the audience close, while celebrating the experimentation that the medium lends itself so well to.

Volume 1 showcases the films of Rich Fedorchak, Emily Van Loan, Matt Whitman, Franco Consales, Dan Smeby, Todd Fraser, Josh Drake, Sonya Mwambu & Nada El-Omari, Tetsuya Maruyama, Laure Peigné, Luciana Foglio & Luján Montes.
Supported by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

9:00 PM – OUT OF PLACE: Spotlight On The Super 8 Films Of Midi Onodera
Curated by Milada Kovacova
OUT OF PLACE’s mission is to bring to the foreground the small-gauge work by Midi Onodera whose Super 8 artistic practice need to be reintroduced to the next generation of feminist filmmakers and to those who were absent in viewing this work during the first wave. Super 8 moviemaking is where Midi’s artistic practice began. Midi is a pioneer in the lexicon of local histories and she has the accolades to prove it. Midi has been around the block – making work for the last four decades – and continues to engage in making work in whatever format is at hand.
Supported by FADO Performance Art Centre and the Images Festival


Filter Queen by Midi Onodera 1980 / Super 8 / Sound / 7:00


Curated by Milada Kovacova
Content Warning: Some scenes contain excessive violence and death which may cause distress and extreme emotion. Viewer Discretion is advised.
BREATHING DURING THE TIME OF COVID selects a broad range of small-gauge films; be they critical of colonial structures, or share an intense introspection of our mental health, or made during the current state of emergency. BREATHING DURING THE TIME OF COVID strives to engage critical discourse during this time and come together even if it is virtually. Ultimately, BREATHING DURING THE TIME OF COVID endeavors to bring a bit of light at the end of the tunnel; the program culminates with the artistic gem of Petrus Isaace Joseph Liliefeldt (1936-2017).

BREATHING DURING THE TIME OF COVID culls together the work of Louise Liliefeldt, Pamila Matharu, soJin Chun & Ulysses Castellanos, Marcos Arriaga, Erin Obodiac, GB Jones, Deco Dawson, Sharlene Bamboat & Terra Long, and Petrus Isaace Joseph Liliefeldt.
Supported by FADO Performance Art Centre and the Images Festival

10:00 PM – 1:00 AM – Haus A-GO-GO
the8fest embraces our 1ST Online Dance Party with Dj Sofia Fly 10-11, Dj Sissyfuss 11-12, Dj ANA LUISA 12-1. Performances by Keira Boult and Ulysses Castellanos

SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2021

8:00 PM – Sunday, July 11, 2021
Midi Onodera in Conversation with Milada Kovacova
Please join us for the conversation with Award-Winning Spotlight Artist, Midi Onodera, on July 11, 2021 at 8pm. Midi will be joined by Curator Milada Kovacova for a discussion of the beginnings of Midi’s attraction to Super 8 and the vocabulary of the moving images and many points along the way.

Volume 2 exposes natural processes and experimental imagery, bringing us textures of observable play. Embodiment through human and animal spaces, memories and collaborations take form and impart kinetic energy of the small-gauge format. Scratching on film, haunting shadows, cycling and childhood imagery capture the fleeting, intimate moments that hold our attention and emotions within the grains of film.

Volume 2 brings to the big screen gems by Chris Kennedy, Brian Wilson, Kyle Whitehead (in collaboration with Jeremy Moss, John Porter and Ale Samaniego), Craig Orrett, Camille Pueyo, Blake Barit, Elena Duque, Franco Consales, Boris du Boullay, Holly Chang, Derek Jenkins, Azucena Losana grace the closing programme of our 14th Edition brought to you during the pandemic.
Supported by CFMDC and Pleasure Dome

Coming SOON to a safe space for our audience, The Home Movie History Project has always been a favourite, and this year is no different. Once Toronto moves into the 3rd phase then The Home Movie History Project will be presented safely like an outdoor screening. Please keep posted to our website for the outdoor screening of PARTIES AND MAKING YOUR OWN FUN Revelry and Excess in 60s and 70s Toronto.
This event will be presented by the Home Movie History Project, once it will be safe to congregate in some fashion.


For more information including interview opportunities, press stills and preview links of selected films, please contact the8fest at

the8fest is made possible through the generous support of: The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council as well as our sponsors and community partners: Home Movie History Project, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Pleasure Dome, the Images Festival, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Trinity Square Video (TSV), FADO Performance Art Centre, our audience members and the talented filmmakers.

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