The Red Head Gallery reopens with a Creative Series and In:FLUX by Margie Kelk


The Red Head Gallery’s Creative Series continues with Wetland Haikus by Peggy Taylor Reid and Margie Kelk on Tuesday, September 7 at 6 PM! Every Tuesday from 6 – 6:30 PM until September 28, we’ll be streaming an online multi-disciplinary program created by our artists. Available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, tune in on any platform and look for the “LIVE” icon to join! See our Creative Series details below.

In:FLUX by Margie Kelk

September 8 to 18, 2021


Installation view of In:FLUX at the Red Head Gallery, December 2020. Photo by David Williams.

We are also thrilled to announce our reopening on September 8, 2021 with a continuation of Margie Kelk’s solo exhibition In:FLUX. Included in the exhibition is the short film, Half of Everything with a musical score created by Ian Kelk, which has been accepted into more than 16 film festivals around the world, the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia), the Black Swan International Film Festival (Kolkata, India), the Berlin International Art Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), the Amsterdam Short Film Festival, June Edition (Amsterdam, Holland), and the Toronto Indie Short Film Festival online, to name but a few.



At 6 PM on Tuesdays until September 28, be transported to gardens, swamps, discover new places, and hear tales of the beyond; streaming live on our social media channels, look for the “LIVE” icon to join.

Garden Dispatches by Sally Thurlow, Soheila Esfahani, and Tonia Di Risio 🥗
Tuesday, August 31, at 6 PM
Garden Dispatches reports on the state of springtime 2021 gardening activities of Red Head members Soheila, Sally, and Tonia. They talk about the current state of the growing season and what was inspiring them to cook, steep, and bake; sharing their recipes and stories to inspire you.

Wetland Haikus by Peggy Taylor Reid and Margie Kelk 🐸
Tuesday, September 7, at 6 PM
Wetland Haikus shows Microscopic life hidden within ponds and wetlands that appear in fleeting moments documented in captivating visuals by Peggy Taylor Reid and Margie Kelk; it is a colourful ode to the hidden life within elements of the natural world that all too often escape our notice.

Our City Sites – Seek and Discover by Gillian Iles and Lois Schklar 📍
Tuesday, September 14, at 6 PM
A series of temporary site-specific interventions that actively engage the landscape within an urban environment. Although the interventions now exist only as a visual and poetic documentation, the viewer is encouraged to seek and discover the locations through Google maps and GPS coordinates.

Super Tide by Eniale Rekattihw and Wehtam Tterrob of the Prime Octo-Council 📡
Tuesday, September 21, at 6 PM
📢 Periodic super tide at Corpus Halite terminal, inner planet of Aquione Eight, hybridized after the great saline disruptions of the late Biotozoic. Filtration Protocols 17-98 and Cousteau Mandates then instituted by decree of the Prime Octo-Council. 🌊

Fly Me High! by Ian Mackay 🚀
Tuesday, September 28, at 6 PM
Fly Me High! A new podcast that explores the emotional and scientific desire of humankind to reach beyond the Kármán Line, a name given to describe the very edge of Outer Space.



We’re always excited to share what our members are up to but while they’re working away in their studios we’d like to highlight who they are!

We are proud of our collective artists Mathew Borrett, Jim Bourke, Christine Dewancker, Tonia Di Risio, Soheila Esfahani, Leah Garnett, Gillian Iles, Margie Kelk, Kim-Lee Kho, Sangmin Lee, Ian Mackay, Peggy Taylor Reid, Lois Schklar, Sally Thurlow, and Elaine Whittaker.

Learn more about our collective and what inspires them at

With the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, as part of their Resilient Communities Fund, our members worked hard to improve the quality of our gallery and facilities. Through our collective spirit, achievements, and efforts, our members make it possible for us to continue the legacy of proudly exhibiting contemporary visionaries of the Canadian contemporary art scene.

We are confident to open our doors and take part in Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopen on September 8, 2021. View our “Covid-19 Protocols and Safety Guidelines” when planning your visit.

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