The Curatorial Incubator, v.19 Islands in the Steam

All of Your Stars Are but Dust on My Shoes, Haig Aivazian (2021)

Vtape presents:

The Curatorial Incubator, v.19
Islands in the Steam
Free! In-person and Online

In-person Vtape screening and reception:
Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 6:30 pm ET
Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 6:30 pm ET

Vtape, Bachir/Yerex Presentation Space
4th floor, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 452

This year’s Curatorial Incubator called for research proposals that considered unexpected connections, ways in which works come to rely on each other, and how to create moments of refuge in the never-ending streams of a growing collection. This resulted in two programs: Where do our memories go, curated by Kai Trotz-Motayne, and What happened to produce these ruins, curated by Muriel N. Kahwagi. Each program will be available online at following each screening for two weeks.

Screening Schedule

What happened to produce these ruins
Curated by Muriel N. Kahwagi
Thursday, June 6 at 6:30 pm ET

This program considers moving-image works’ ability to leave a material trace of places, becoming accidental archives that document disappearing landscapes. Looking at the cities of Beirut, Cairo, and Windsor-Detroit, she’s interested in the ways in which video works may (or may not) function as archives for the future – and in the role of artists as (unwitting) keepers of history.

Program runtime is approximately 50 minutes

Playing Ball, Corinna Schnitt, 2013, 10:00
Saving Face, Jalal Toufic, 2003, 07:19
Night Visitor: The Night of Counting the Years, Maha Maamoun, 2011, 08:30
What to do? Part 1 of a Triptych, Christopher McNamara, 1992, 05:00
Most Fabulous Place, Maha Maamoun, 2008, 01:12
All of Your Stars Are but Dust on My Shoes, Haig Aivazian, 2021, 17:35

Followed by a conversation with the curator

Where do our memories go?
Curated by Kai Trotz-Motayne
Wednesday, June 19th at 6:30 pm ET

Explores the changing landscape of Caribbean communities in Toronto and how rituals are passed on and reconstructed through generations. In historian Robin Cohen’s 1998 essay Cultural Diaspora: The Caribbean Case, Cohen describes how diaspora involves “a literal or symbolic interest in return.” Reflecting on her own community of second-generation Canadians who have spent little to no time in the Caribbean, Kai asks, “How do we continue to engage our history?

Program runtime is approximately 40 minutes

Maigre Dog, Donna James, 1990, 07:50
Home, Jason Ebanks, 2004, 14:30
Making Sweetbread with Gran, Raquel Rowe, 2020, 07:40
Seeing is Believing, Shaunna Beharry, 1991, 08:27
Homesick, Natalie Wood, 2007, 03:14

Followed by a conversation with the curator

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Muriel N. Kahwagi is a writer and cultural worker from Beirut, currently operating out of the U.S.-Canadian border. Her research is centred on the politics of collecting and archiving the performative and the act of listening as a form of preservation in and of itself. She is currently Assistant Curator at Contemporary Calgary and a programmer at the Toronto Arab Film Festival.

Kai Trotz-Motayne is a Guyanese-Canadian researcher and writer from Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada. Driven by histories of movement and migration within her own family, her research focuses on the making and meaning of diaspora and how histories are transferred through generations. She holds a joint honours degree from McGill University in History and African Studies. Kai’s practice is grounded in the archive—both traditional and non-traditional.

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