Spring/Summer 2024 Exhibitions at Grimsby Public Art Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15, 2024 | 2 – 5pm
Jason Baerg and Marjorie Beaucage in conversation at 3pm

Jason Baerg, si com di l’eau | we are like water, 2024, installation view, Grimsby Public Art Gallery. Photo: Jordyn Stewart

Jason Baerg
si com di l’eau | we are like water

May 4 – August 10, 2024

A highly respected artist grounded in community and kinship, Baerg’s practice traverses intermedia and laser cut abstract painting through visual language rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing, relationalities, and futurisms. Underpinned by Plains Cree medicine thinking, Baerg’s continued exploration of the Cree medicine wheel in 2024 delves into its third blue, western quadrant – fluidly conceptualizing and honoring water, sage, the setting sun, and emotional health in addition to other seminal traditional teachings. These cyclical connections flow through the circular form and symbolism of the medicine wheel, echoed through the use of tondos in the space, evoking portals to speculative futures, while stacked compositions ground past and present, both gesturing to Sky World.

Reflecting on the title, si com di l’eau, graciously bestowed on this body of work by elder Marjorie Beaucage, it translates to ‘we are like water’ in the Metis language, Michif. Through colour and symbolism, we are prompted to consider water’s relationality, balance, and presence in all things and beings; its gentle nourishing characteristics; its presence in our bodies; its power; and its embodied connection to past and future ancestors. Water has the ability to exist in multiple states of matter, echoing the currents of life, and as a brimming vessel of epigenetic memories.

Through a seduction of surfaces, Baerg’s work fluidly blurs the lines between critical theory, Indigenous iconography, and relationality through a thrilling use of abstraction and cutting-edge technology. The works on display have a propositional capacity to collaboratively implicate Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences to imagine and therefore manifest collective futures for both present and future generations. We are like water. We must adapt and flow. Carve new paths slowly over time, or with radical force. Be permeable and be able to permeate. Nourish future generations, and excise collective care.

Baerg will unveil a new AR artwork in collaboration with Montanna Baerg June 15. The gallery is also grateful to share a commissioned poem in response to the work by Governor General award-winning artist, poet, and activist, Marjorie Beaucage.

Becky Katz, Call to Action #92, 2024, linocut reduction print.

Echoes From This Land:
Visiting and Revisioning Truth and Reconciliation

April 25 – June 25, 2024

Participating Artists:
L.P., Sylvia Martin, Sean Ross, Geneva Cooper, Carmel Whittle, Marg Boyle, Tara Cooper, Julia MacRae, Morgan Wedderspoon, Nicole Banton, Alysha Aran, Ivan Rocky Toulouse, Shawnee Danielle, Camryn Hardaker-Schabauer, Eli Nolet, Gina Ortiz, Suzanne Valois, Rebecca Han, Sidney Paul, Linda Jules & Ellijah Jules, Clara Laratta, Monique Martin, Bryce Morison, Awbri Savannah Paul, Yifan Wang, Angie Nehle, Robert Truszkowski, Stacey Fayant, Andrea Vela Alarcón, David Garneau, Nicole Favron, Marie Price, Susan Miller, Becky Katz, Cameron Roberts, Lisa Shalfoun, Robin Paul, Jessica A. Rodriguez, Theodora Oyinloye, Karli Jessup, Angela Snieder, Emily Hinds, Molly Cooper, Shipek Mikunis / Caroyln Lalone, Audrey Ewen, Joviel Buenavente, Carol Howard Donati, Sandra Lamouche, Amber Forno, Mackenzy Vida, Max Paradis, Cher Obediah, Veronika Marks, Johanna Griffith, Jessie Stueck, Rozhin Tayaraniyousefabadi, Ardyn Gibbs, Ana Maria Cruz-Valderrama, Cody Storms, Stephanie Florence, Eric Euler, Mara Bureau, Charlie Saltzman, Bail Lamarche, Elizabeth Sigalet, Lyn LaFortune, Emma Eichenberg, Patsea Griffin, Michelle Purchase, Sarah Martin, Elizabeth Elich

Echoes From This Land aims to visually represent the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada’s 94 Recommended Calls to Action by engaging Indigenous and non-Indigenous, artist/creators from educational institutions and communities across Canada. Participants of this project express their own positionality by visually contextualizing one of the calls to action through the media of print, from research, and/or lived experiences. All participants created a limited edition of 16 prints and received 9 plus their own in exchange. The remaining 6 editioned prints from each participants contain all 94 calls to action. These editioned portfolios will be exhibited throughout Canada to continue the critical dialogue and action of reconciliation through a visual lens of knowledge sharing.

Echoes From This Land is supported by the Future of Canada Project at McMaster University

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