Sara Angelucci: small angel scarves

Sara Angelucci: small angel productions
This season, give a gift that gives twice
art & love = care

As the season of gift-giving approaches, you can give a gift x 2. The proceeds from the sale of small angel productions silk scarves, go directly to support artist Sara Angelucci’s friend Sam in addiction recovery.

small angel productions grew out of an Indie-go-go campaign Sara Angelucci hosted with some friends last spring to support Sam. Sara was so moved by the number of people who so kindly donated and bought the silk scarves offered as donation incentives. The fund has truly made a difference, providing Sam with support as they rebuild their life. Several people have asked if Sara would continue selling scarves…and she thought why not?!

Sara has started an online shop and created some new designs:

New designs recently released

About small angel scarves:
As a visual artist Sara Angelucci is excited to find a new way to get her images out into the world and make it wearable. She designs all the scarves and has them digitally printed in Montreal. They are 100% silk.

How long will it take to get one?
Each scarf is a custom order. Once the order is received it takes approximately three weeks from order to delivery.

Sizes & cost:
Large 36” x 36” – can be wrapped and tied in numerous ways
$200 & tax $26 & shipping $10 = $236

Small 16” x 16” – makes a sweet neckerchief
$50 & tax $6.50 & shipping $10 = $66.50

For transparency, proceeds from each large scarf sale is $124, from each small is $29.

All proceeds from the sale of small angel productions silk scarves go to a special fund to support Sam in covering expenses which may include; rent, clothing, medical care, and car repair. To ensure the proceeds are being used for living expenses, Sara manages the fund.

Update on Sam: As of today (November 2023) Sam is 10 months clean and counting! After completing a 3-month residential treatment program their recovery is going well. They have a good place to live, are settling into a new community, have adopted a dog, and are working part-time. But as many of you know, recovery is ongoing and for the next year, Sara is continuing to work with some friends to support Sam as they get stronger and more independent.

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