Rungh Magazine, Volume 9, No 1


Isabel Okoro, (If you knew how we got here), 2020 Photo by Darren Rigo

NEW Rungh Magazine, Volume 9, No 1

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What is the problem with art juries based on the peer system? Find out Columnist David Garneau’s thoughts.

In this NEW issue, go deeper into what it means to say Punjab, Punjabi, and Punjabiyat with a journey into the land and language of belonging and a Conversation with artists from around the world.


Rachita Burjupati, Untitled (detail), 2018, installation of sand, wood, mesh, and fabric, dimensions variable. Photo by Rachel Topham Photography

In Holding Space for Beauty and Blackness, Ashley Marshall explores a complex set of relations in a review of Is Love a Synonym for Abolition. Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch explores networks of relation, intimacy and land via poetry from the new collection The Good Arabs. Phinder Dulai reviews Selina Boan’s Undoing Hours and David Austin explores how the voiceless speak in Grada Kilomba’s Plantation Memories: Episodes of Everyday Racism.

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