Request for Proposals: Public Murals for Indwell Lakeshore Lofts, Mississauga

South facades of Lakeshore Loft (Figure 1)

Public Art Call: Murals on Indwell Lakeshore Lofts (RFP)

Artist Budget: $7000 (+HST) if applicable
Proposal Deadline: April 11, 2022 at 3PM

Project Description

Indwell Lakeshore Lofts and Murals with MAC is inviting artists to submit a Request for Proposal for Indwell’s Lakeshore Lofts, South East Building at 425 Lakeshore Rd E. The corner of Enola and Lakeshore RD in east Port Credit. This new and exciting building will represent diverse community voices and colorful stories.

Indwell is a charity that creates affordable housing communities and embraces innovative technologies to ensure their buildings are aligned with their mission of Health, Wellness and Belonging. Indwell’s programs go beyond being a safe place to live, and doing less harm, to doing something regenerative and restorative to people’s lives.

Murals with MAC is a neighbourhood beautification project that facilitates relationships between artists and community partners. MAC is helping to redefine traditional approaches to public art and provide paid opportunities for local artists to create, connect, and celebrate unexpected spaces throughout the city of Mississauga!

East facade of Port Credit entry to the Entertainment District (Figure 2)

Call Summary

We are inviting experienced Mississauga based artists and/or arts collectives to submit their portfolio and Request for Proposal for 3 murals on the Indwell Lakeshore Lofts, South East Building located at 425 Lakeshore Rd E. that will be printed on 3M vinyl.

Themes to consider


  • The blue tiles on the exterior building evoke the spirit of the lake and energy of Port Credit
  • Artists are encouraged to consider the use of blue, grey and white hues found on the building and other colours are not prohibited


  • Innovative and contemporary building embraces an abstract and/or minimalistic approach
  • Bold exciting figures, patterns and/or shapes to depict cultural fabric, local natural features and lively performances within the local space

Culture (Figure 1): South facades of Lakeshore Loft

  • Indwell Lakeshore Lofts welcomes inclusion, engaging with diverse communities and promoting a sense of hope.

Culture (Figure 2): East facade of Port Credit entry to the Entertainment District

  • A compelling entrance to Mississauga’s vibrant music hub, host to world class music festivals enjoyed by locals and tourists from afar

Artwork Design Parameters

  • Figure 1 Download working files HERE
  • Figure 2 Dimensions H: 26’ – 6 ½” W: 15’ – 1 ¾”
  • Artwork should be in CMYK for print 150-300DPI for finale output
  • Artwork will be printed on 3M Cast Vinyl with a 5-7 year life expectancy

Site Preparation and Maintenance

  • An inspection will be conducted to determine the condition of the exterior wall, power washing if needed will take 3 days to dry
  • If sections are damaged vinyl patches will be printed and placed over top

Selection Process and Criteria

Submissions for this call will be reviewed by Indwell, Councillor Dasko, Mississauga Arts Council, Port Credit BIA Business Community, Invizij, PC Community Foundation, community representatives and art professionals.

  • Experience with projects that are similar in scope and scale, understanding of project scale and timeline
  • Artistic merit demonstrated in quality and originality of past artwork
  • An expressed desire to meet project brief


This is an open call for experienced Mississauga based artists or artist-led groups.

Mississauga Arts Council and Indwell encourages diverse and equity-seeking individuals to apply.

Artist Fee

The Artist Fee for this project is $7000 (+HST) if applicable, including creating landmark pieces of temporary public art on Lakeshore Road East “figure 1” and “figure 2”. The total is inclusive of artists fees, technical consultation, project meetings, site visit, concept development, purchase of relevant materials, delivery and documentation rights of completed artwork.

Submission Requirements

Please review all components of the (RFP) Request for Proposal
Artists are invited to submit their proposal to
Subject: Mural Request for Proposal- Indwell Lakeshore Loft
(Subject not addressed properly will not be reviewed)

Application must be in a single combined PDF format 2MB or less and requests the following:
(Application not submitted in a single combined PDF format will not be reviewed)

  • Artist(s) CV
  • Artist Statement & initial Sketch
  • Conceptual Direction
  • Up to 10 images of past work, all supported by a written list of artist’s name, title of work, medium, dimensions, location and date
  • References: include contact name, title, organization, telephone number and email address for two references who can speak to the artist’s artistic practice and/or experience in public art projects

Anticipated Schedule/ Project Timeline

Artist Request for Proposal Closes – Apr 11, 2022 (3PM)
Jury Artists Selection Process – Week of Apr 12, 2022
Selected Artist Notified + Contracting – Week of Apr 25, 2022
*Artists Kick Off Call + Meeting – Week of May 2, 2022
Concept Development + Feedback – May 24, 2022
Concept Development + Feedback – Jun 8, 2022
Printing/Installation on site – Target Installation: June 13, 2022
Reveal Ceremony – Between June 30th and July 4th
*Scheduling subject can change

Additional Information
For additional information or questions please contact: