Print 2019: Call for Entry



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Entry Deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019


This exhibition, titled PRINT 2019 is a showcase for original limited edition prints by contemporary artists. We define a limited edition print as an original artwork that is wholly or primarily created using one or more of the following printmaking processes: lithography, woodcut, linocut, relief print, etching, aquatint, en-graving, mezzotint, mono-print, screen print, photo/digital, giclee and/or text.

PRINT 2019 invites entries of print-based work of all kinds from artists at all stages of their careers. Works in any print medium will be considered, keeping in mind that dimensions can be no greater than 50.8 cm in any direction. This broad definition is intended to open the exhibition to entries reflecting a wide variety of contemporary techniques and practices.


Maureen Da Silva is a founding artist and studio manager of the inPrint Collective, based in Toronto. Obtaining her BFA from York University, she works as an artist-educator across the GTA, and has organized many community-based programs over the years that utilize printmaking’s story-telling potential.

Canadian artist and illustrator Barbara Klunder is well known internationally for her bold graphic style, political messages and provocative imagery. She won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Directors Club of Canada in 2009. She is known for working in many media, including printmaking. She was part of Vancouver’s BigPrint, 2016, where a steamroller pressed her 8-foot high woodcut. Klunder has also done two series of letterpress print-portfolios; and a few small cartoon books with Reactor’s Lunar Caustic Press. The artist has had Museum and gallery shows with her Paper-cuts, and has lately been showing embroidery work, with a new show coming this December.

Director/Curator John B. Aird Gallery