Photophobia 2021


Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Image Festival
August 5-9, 2021 – Online Screenings

Photophobia is the 15th annual festival of short-format contemporary media, film, video, and moving image hosted in partnership between Hamilton Artists Inc. and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Established in 1999, Photophobia was Hamilton’s first film and video festival dedicated to the development of experimental media at a time when there were no such platforms in the city. Today, Photophobia continues to showcase creative, unconventional, and experimental approaches to contemporary time-based media, not limited by restrictions or themes. Photophobia is a free, juried festival that invites the community to experience contemporary works that test the boundaries of their medium.

This year’s festival will be a virtual presentation. A link to view each program will be posted on The Inc.’s website prior to each event. Each program will be available to view online for a period of 72 hours after its initial screening. Both screenings will be free.

For more information please visit The Inc.’s website.


Program 1:
Thursday, August 5, 8:00 pm EST
Duration: 112 minutes

Sandy McLennan (Port Sydney) – Moving, Parts One and Two, 2021 (7:38)
Sadaf Khajeh and Dorsa Asadi (Toronto) – Distance, 2020 (8:57)
Christina Hajjar (Winnipeg) – Don’t Forget the Water, 2021 (4:41)
Lupita Guerrero (Kitchener) – Woven, 2020 (3:18)
Valentin Brown (Hamilton and Toronto) – Relax with Sample 01, 2020 (14:40)
Batoul Faour and Alex Sassine (Beirut and Toronto) – When It Reigns, It Pours, 2020 (7:04)
2Ro Media with Janet Marie Rogers and Jackson Twobears (Six Nations of the Grand River) – The Spirit of Rage, 2020 (7:18)
KanikaXx (Toronto) – Welcome to the Alter-Ego Citadel, 2020 (14:22)
Shahrzad Amin (Oakville and Khaju) – Bridge Obscura: Connecting Nations through Film, Art & Culture, 2020 (11:19)
Dallas Fellini (Toronto) – Strada Statale 696, 2020 (6:41)
Laura Magnusson (Montreal) – Blue, 2019 (12:00)
Jinyoung Kim (Montreal) – Survival 101: In Case of Complete Disappearance, 2020 (14:43)

Program 2:
Friday, August 6, 8:00 pm EST
Duration: 75 minutes

Isa P.G. (Toronto) – Que Pendejada Es La Vida, 2018 (3:02)
Jennifer Wanner (Calgary) – Bower, 2020 (4:58)
Bryan Angarita (Toronto) – Border, 2021 (5:05)
Justine Smith (Hamilton) – composition: the lovely dirt of public spaces, 2020 (6:21)
Jet Coghlan (Hamilton) – Drones Don’t Fight, 2021 (1:47)
Shon Kim (Seoul) – BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts, 2019 (10:52)
Yuan Zheng (Los Angeles) – Dream Delivery, 2018 (9:22)
Effy Adar and NASRA Adem (Edmonton) – Shea, by NASRA, 2020 (2:40)
Diana Thorneycroft (Winnipeg) – Black Forest Sanatorium, 2020 (7:20)
K. MacNeil and Zhang Yang (St. Catherines) – Cartography, 2018 (14:17)
Ida Kammerloch (Vienna) – Resusci Anne, 2020 (7:38)
Gabriella Mykal (Southlake) – all i have pt iii, 2021 (1:47)

Contact Information:

John Hill
Public Programs Coordinator
Hamilton Artists Inc.

Ryan Ferguson
Curator, Film Program
Art Gallery of Hamilton
905-527-6610 ext 232

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Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Image Festival (Art Gallery of Hamilton and Hamilton Artists Inc.) gratefully acknowledges the support of its funders, partners, and sponsors.