Peter Shostak Exhibition

Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation – KUMF™ Gallery is very pleased to present a special selection of artworks by award-winning Canadian artist, Peter Shostak.

Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation (UCAF) launches the Fall 2022 season with a special exhibition featuring Peter Shostak at KUMF Gallery. The exhibition is on view from Sunday, September 11 through Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Sunday, September 11 @ 2:00pm. Remarks will begin at 3:00pm. Peter Shostak will be in attendance. Light refreshments. All welcomed. Admission is free.

The Peter Shostak Exhibition is a special collection of artworks highlighting his masterly painting skills and continual inspirations.

Shostak draws upon both the hardships as well as the joys experienced by early Ukrainian pioneers, the folk arts that they brought to Canada and the architectural style of their prairie homes and churches. Equally important are the images from Shostak’s childhood growing up on a farm during the 1940’s and 1950’s of farm chores and play activities, especially pond hockey and tobogganing. His capture of the beautiful, spacious prairie skies is his artistic signature. And lastly, living in the images of simple village life are his photography trips to Western Ukraine.

UCAF – KUMF Gallery gratefully acknowledges: Myhal Family Foundation, Burych Lawyers, Huculak Foundation, Markian Silecky, Lesia Iwasykiw, Gloria Micallef, Ukrainian Credit Union, and DOM Construction & Restoration, for their generous support of this exhibition.

About the Artist
Peter Shostak was born and raised on a farm in northeastern Alberta. His early interest in art inspired him to major in art at the University of Alberta. He obtained a graduate degree in Art Education (1969) and then took a teaching position at the University of Victoria and was an Associate Professor of Art Education. In1979, he decided to leave teaching to pursue a career as an artist, devoting all his time to painting and silkscreen printing.

Much of Shostak’s art reflects his memories of growing up on the prairies during the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Three publications, When Nights Were Long, Saturday Came But Once a Week, and Hockey…under winter skies, reveal some of his personal history.

Shostak’s most ambitious project, to which he devoted five years of painting, was completed in 1991 with the unveiling of his series “For Our Children.” These 50 large oil paintings, portraying early pioneer settlement in Western Canada based on Ukrainian pioneer experiences, have been exhibited across Canada.

In 2003, Peter Shostak received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in recognition of his outstanding exemplary contribution to Canada. He is the recipient of the Taras Shevchenko Medal, the highest honour awarded by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. Other awards include Western Showcase at the Calgary Stampede, an annual juried world class exhibition, “Best New Artist” – flat work, and Western Art Auction “Best New Artist” – flat work.

Most major cities in Canada have repeatedly hosted exhibitions of Shostak’s work over the past several years; he has completed many commissioned paintings and serigraphs for individuals, organizations, and major corporations.

Shostak frequently returns to his native Alberta to photograph and refresh his mental images of prairie life and the landscape.

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