Peter Friedrichsen – Imprints: Photograms in Cyanotype


Peter Friedrichsen: Who is There?, 2019, cyanotype photogram on wood

Peter Friedrichsen
Imprints: Photograms in Cyanotype

November 6 – 17, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 9, 2-5 pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, November 17, 2-4 pm


Propeller Gallery
30 Abell St., Toronto
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5
Accessibility: Partially Accessible

Imprints is a collection of cyanotype photogram prints constructed from personal and found objects placed in and out of context.

The photogram technique uses no camera or lens and has a history back to 1839 when Henry Fox Talbot was making “photogenic drawings of plants”. Anna Atkins from Britain produced 100’s of plant photograms in cyanotype, many of which survive today. Man Ray produced photograms on silver-gelatine in the 1930s with his Rayograms. In the early 1950s, it was Robert Rauschenberg’s dance figures, and today, Christopher Bucklow’s lifesize aluminum foil pinhole punched photogram figures.

In this work, photograms of natural and manufactured objects such as plants, glassware, metal, and plastic figures may combine to form an imagined scene or be free of all association.

Peter Friedrichsen is a Toronto-based artist that has been practicing alternative photographic printing processes for 10 years. Gum bichromate, casein, cyanotype, and Van Dyke are the current processes he works with. These printing processes are applied to a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, copper, and aluminum. A minimalist approach is found in much of his work, emphasizing fewer elements. A camera may provide the source image, or it may be cameraless and lensless. He has exhibited his work both locally and internationally.

Peter Friedrichsen