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Newsletter for March 2023 (Vol.18; Iss. 3)
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art

1) Deep Wireless Festival of Transmission & Radio Art
2) Deep Wireless Festival Exhibitions and Special Events
3) Springscape Workshop Intensive
4) NAISA 2023 Call For Submissions on the theme Reimagine
5) NAISA’s Decomposing Piano Exhibition 24/7

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1) Deep Wireless Festival or Radio & Transmission Art

Feb 4 – Apr 3, 2023

NAISA opened its 22nd annual edition of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art on Feb 4, 2023 on the theme Remote Connections with exhibitions, performances, artist talks, an online compilation and radio programs being transmitted from and hosted at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre in South River.

“Radio over its history has built societal connections across multiple and remote locations. The content in this year’s festival adds to that tradition with stories told through digital interactivity, round table discussions, documentaries, interactive art, poetry and sound art on the theme Remote Connections.” — Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art

2) Deep Wireless Exhibitions and March Events

NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124, South River
Feb 4 to Apr 3, 2023
Pay By Donation
Details can be found here

Forced Migration by Michelle Wilson
In this interactive textile map, Michelle Wilson stitches together organic and technological material to memorialize specific bison killed, captured, or bred in an effort to save the species from extinction. “When viewers touch a segment of this journey, they will hear an associated story; not a straightforward narrative but a glimpse at the places, beings (human and non-human) and tales that have shaped our current relationships with bison.”

Deep Wireless 17 Compilation & NAISA Radio Café
Listen in the Cafe and Online at

The Deep Wireless 17 Compilation is curated on the theme Remote Connections and includes works by Michelle Wilson, Juro Kim Feliz, Faisal Karadsheh, Nicole Goodwin (GOODW.Y.N.), Anton Pickard and Prachi Khandekar. Works are also included in the NAISA Radio Café, delivered through radio receivers.

Remote Connections with Anton Pickard + more
March 4 @ 7 pm
Admission $10
Registration required at

Three works from the Deep Wireless 17 Radio Art Compilation will be included in this in-person and online hybrid event that will feature a work by Anton Pickard – this year’s James Bailey award-winner – as well works by Juro Kim Feliz and Faisal Karaksheh.

Radio Art on NAISA Radio

As part of Deep Wireless, NAISA Radio will Feature radio art works from around the world curated on the theme Remote Connections every Saturday from 1-3 pm. The July 2021 issue of the Wire Magazine (UK) featured NAISA Radio as one of 100 essential online radio stations, a distinction shared by only one other online radio station in Canada.

3) Soundscape Workshop Intensive

NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124 & at Warbler’s Roost, South River
May 5 to 7, 2023
$283 (with 2 nights accommodation)
$170 (with no accommodation)
Advance Registration Required at

The annual soundscape workshop intensive will take place May 5 – 7, 2023 and will be led by NAISA Artistic Director Darren Copeland. The focus this year will be both open microphone live-streaming and multi-channel soundscape mixing.

Open microphones are broadcasts of a soundscape recorded continuously without the presence of the recordist and without any editing, or with mobile apps for real-time SOUNDwalk broadcasts. The first part of the workshop will explore these approaches and discuss their characteristics and limitations while also providing guidance on best practices. In the latter part of the workshop we will create multichannel recordings on a 14-acre area and re-combine them in a multi-speaker environment at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre. The skills acquired from the workshop can be applied to artistic and ecological research projects about the soundscape in your home community or elsewhere.

4) NAISA 2023 Call For Submissions on the theme Reimagine

Deadline: May 26, 2023

Categories: Interactive Installation (indoor and outdoor contexts), Sound Art/Electroacoustic, Videomusic, Radio/Transmission Art
More information can be found here
Online Application Form

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme Reimagine for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art’s 2024 programming.

The push for renewal following the pandemic along with adjustments necessary to meet climate goals suggest new structures and terms for moving forward. What opportunities do those present creatively? What new stories do you imagine hearing? How will artists Reimagine the sound art of tomorrow based on the choices that lie ahead. Individual interpretations or variations on the theme Reimagine are encouraged, but should be realized with sound as the primary component. Note: there is a $5 submission fee. Submitted works will be considered for two special awards: The James Bailey Award – a $300 award; and the Andra McCartney Mentorship Award.

5) NAISA’s Decomposing Piano Exhibition

Open 24/7

NAISA staff have created an outdoor exhibition that includes the documentation of the transformation of sound and the natural deterioration that occurs when a piano is left outdoors until its final ruin. Listen here to performances on the Decomposing Piano. Listen here to the CBC Radio interview about this.

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