Lorna Mulligan: Of Water and Rock

Seeking Balance and Footholds (diptych), 2018, Watercolour, pigments, ink and gesso on Arches watercolour paper, 76 x 102 cm (each) (unframed, 77 x 208 cm)

Capturing the Unpredictable Edges of Water and Rock

until June 11, 2022

Montreal-based artist Lorna Mulligan has several series of her abstract coastal landscapes in Annapolis Royal’s ARTSPLACE Gallery until June 11. Mulligan’s paintings are visual responses to fragile yet powerful coastal landscapes—a convergence of water and rock that often incorporates calligraphic movement and text in combination with watercolour, pigments and ink.

“I’m inspired by coastal locations, concerned with place, with immediate visual responses as well as memories of these geographical edges,” said Mulligan.

“Local raw materials and direct painting methods are central to her artmaking process, combining hand ground mineral pigments, the fluid quality of watercolour, and the graphic strength of dense carbon blacks,” said Gallery Director Sophie Paskins.

Shoreline Whispers, 2018, Watercolour and ink on handmade St-Armand paper, 28 x 38.5 cm (each, six images)

Mulligan recently completed an Artist Residency in Cornwall, England. “This was an inspiringly beautiful site, with a geological history that revolves around colour and pigments. I was seeking to explore the possible connections and visual echoes between locations on either side of the Atlantic – the easterly-most part of Canada and the westerly-most shores of Great Britain,” Mulligan recalls.

Mulligan’s exhibition at ARTSPLACE Gallery is about place, a search for visual connections and all that the water’s edge entails—contemplative, albeit full of gestural energy and power.

“I think that her works will resonate with so many of our community members, so many of us go to the beaches and rocky shores near us to admire the massive energy of the ocean and to gain a perspective on the immensity of life here,” said Ted Lind, ARTSPLACE Board Member and Program Committee Chair.

“In striving for a sense of place, my pieces have at times a presence similar to the force and strength of the ocean and at other times, the more pensive aspects of calmer waters,” Mulligan adds.

“Of Water and Rock” opened on April 30, 2022 and runs through June 11, 2022.

Lorna will be artist-in-residence at ARTSPLACE from May 30 – June 11.

Ordnance Map Walk, Cornwall, 2018, Ink and watercolour on vintage English handmade paper, 21x 14.5 cm (each, twelve images)

Lorna Mulligan is an artist and calligrapher. She studied at the University of British Columbia and also at the Banff Centre. She teaches in Montreal at the Visual Arts Centre and at Rubika, a digital arts college. Lorna Mulligan has exhibited her mixed media artworks across Canada and in Europe.

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