Launched – Rungh Magazine featuring New Cartographies: Power To The Young People

Volume 8, No 1


Three-Thirty Artists: Aaron Jones, Ebti Nabag, Kelly Fyffe-Marshall. All photos by Toni Hafkensheid.

LAUNCHED – Rungh Magazine, Volume 8, No 1

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This issue of Rungh Magazine features New Cartographies: Power To The Young People a review of the Three-Thirty Exhibition at the Doris McCarthy Gallery which was a part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. Ashley Marshall’s writing centres Blackness, youth and her own journey as an educator/artist.


Still from Gaali. Music by Shamik. Video directed and animated by Prithi Khalique.

Annahid Dashtgard peels back the skin on the Canadian literature scene as she recounts her journey of trauma and healing in Foreign Object In The House of Canadian Literature illustrated with the beautiful ceramic art of Heidi McKenzie. Rusaba Alam reviews Factory Theatre’s online premiere of acts of faith and finds that faith connects. Book reviews include a review of Laiwan’s Tender and Jillian Christmas’ the gospel of breaking. Shamik and Prithi Khalique take you an a psychedelic trip in Gaali.

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