Judy Major-Girardin: Shallows

Judy Major-Girardin, Untitled 2, relief, lithography, appliqué on fabric collage, 2021

Judy Major-Girardin: Shallows

Curated by Alix Voz

May 11 – August 10, 2024
Opening Reception: May 11, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cambridge Art Galleries, Queen’s Square

Shallows is Judy Major-Girardin’s solo exhibition, an immersive exploration of wetland habitats. Here, take a pause and delve beyond mere observation into the heart of these biodiverse ecosystems.

Judy’s profound connection to wetlands, nurtured since her childhood near Point Pelee National Park, is at the core of this exhibition. In the gallery, the artist’s upbringing and experiences come to life through a rich tapestry of imagery and sound, echoing these unique landscapes’ environmental, spiritual, and cultural significance.

Through her meticulously crafted artworks, Judy draws attention to wetlands’ intricate beauty while addressing the pressing concerns of their loss. Utilizing a diverse range of materials—from translucent fabrics to printed, collaged, and sewn elements—she creates a visual language that speaks volumes about the fragility and resilience of these vital habitats.

The themes explored in Shallows are as varied as the wetlands themselves. From celebrating biodiversity to the urgent call for conservation, each piece offers a glimpse into Judy’s multifaceted approach to capturing the essence of these environments.

As you navigate the exhibition, you’ll encounter works such as Reflections, a captivating large-scale piece enhanced by a frog chorus sound component, offering a truly immersive experience. In this artwork, the artist’s poetic sensibilities merge seamlessly with her environmental advocacy, inviting you to engage with the beauty and complexity of wetlands in a profoundly personal way.

At its heart, Shallows reminds us of our interconnectedness with the natural world and calls us to safeguard these precious ecosystems for generations to come. Take your time, explore, consider your relationships to natural spaces, and allow yourself to be enveloped by its beauty and significance.

Judy Major-Girardin printing at McMaster Art Studios with Professor Briana Palmer and Assistant Serena Walk. Photo by Carmela Laganse.

About the Artist

Judy Major-Girardin received a BFA from the University of Windsor and an MFA from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She is Professor Emerita from the School of the Arts at McMaster University where she taught for thirty-nine years. She lives in Cambridge Ontario and has served as Co-Chair of the Cambridge Sculpture Garden since 2005. Her studio work includes an integrated practise of painting, printmaking, drawing, artist books, and hanging fiber-based works that raise awareness for the preservation and celebration of wetland environments. Employing environmentally responsible studio practices is central to her work. Judy has exhibited in Canada, USA, and internationally and has attended artist residencies in British Columbia, Newfoundland, Quebec, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Portugal, New Zealand, and most recently in France.

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