Jennifer Walton: Fragile Worlds


Jennifer Walton, Reflection in Blue Glass, oil on canvas, 137cm × 183cm (54″ × 72″) 2017

Jennifer Walton
Fragile Worlds

Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 5th, 5 – 7 p.m.
Exhibition runs until March 25th.

Jennifer Walton’s immersive oil paintings look closely at an environment under duress.

Redeemer is pleased to present the first-ever pairing of two of Walton’s projects. One body of work takes on a sweeping scale, where the human figure is immersed in wider rhythms of nature. There is encouragement and wonder in these works – bodies weightless in water, or skaters flying across a translucent expanse of frozen lake. Images of forest fire, which Walton has experienced first-hand, remind us that the wet and cold faces of nature are at risk. The second series, “Microcosm,” displaced the human figure and focuses on pollinator insects. These paintings are anything but micro – the large canvases put the declining populations of insects in a monumental light. As the viewer’s sense of scale shifts, we are asked to consider our relationship to species and systems we often overlook.


Jennifer Walton, Lythrum salicaria, oil on canvas, 91cm × 114cm (36″ × 45″) 2019

Jennifer Walton was the inaugural winner of the RBC Canadian Painting Competition (1999). In 2007 she received an honourable mention from the Kingston Prize, Canada’s National Portrait Competition. Her paintings Conflagration, and Brush Fire, won the Juror’s Choice Award at World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Congress Art Show, 2017, Toronto. Her paintings hang in numerous public and private collections and have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums across Canada and in the US and the UK. She lives in Toronto and shows with Abbozzo Gallery.

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