GOG Online Professional Development Workshops, Spring 2024

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Strategizing Your Resources: A Guide for Small and Rural Institutions Workshop

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Michael Rikley-Lancaster, Executive Director/Curator, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

Demetra Christakos, Director/Curator, Art Gallery of Sudbury
Cesar Ferero, Programming and Regional Representative, Nippissing Region Curatorial Collective
Sinead Cox, Curator of Engagement & Dialogue, Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol
Karen Bachmann, Director/Curator, Timmins Museum

Small galleries and museums are critical to our art and cultural fabric and can be found everywhere in Canada; with most towns and cities having at least one. They capture a distinctive niche in the art world and often offer their communities a way to highlight their history and heritage. There can be many objects in their collections in which they exhibit and educate the public about on shoestring budgets. These small and rural institutions often have limited staff and capacity and require many hours provided by volunteers. These institutions tend to have the greatest needs for collections care with most lacking in air control vaults and technology, and with staff with multiple and complicated responsibilities.

Collecting with Care: Beyond Conservation Workshop

Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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Patricia Smithen

Lisa Steele, Co-founder, Vtape
Kim Tomzcak, Co-founder, Vtape
Kristyn Rolanty, Registrar, Art Gallery of Ontario
Tarah Hogue, Adjunct Curator, Remai Modern
Anik Glaude, Curator, Varley Art Gallery of Markham

Art galleries and museums are historically mandated to collect, preserve, and exhibit objects. Institutions have taken it upon themselves to be custodians of these objects, and continue to grow their collections. However, collections storage is in a crisis. Institutions are running out of space and resources to properly maintain their collections. Even with optimal conditions for storage, many objects within institutions’ collections are too fragile or precarious to be exhibited. Objects enter the collections with either questionable or biased provenance. Damaged objects, copies, or objects whose provenance is in question, it begs to be asked why do museums collect? How can institutions maintain and grow their collections with care to the physical needs of the object and also to the social needs? This workshop will examine the concept of what it means to ‘collect with care’. Participants from this workshop will learn strategies for caring for the collection they currently have, but will also learn strategies on how they can collect in the future.

Public Art Workshop

Thursday, May 2, 2024
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Barbara Fischer, Director, Art Museum University of Toronto

Ilana Altman, Co-Executive Director, The Bentway
Rebecca Carbin, Founder, Art + Public Unltd
Megan Kammerer, Visual Arts Centre Clarington
Layne Hinton, Co-Curator, Art Spin

Communities gain immense value through public art. The cultural, economic, aesthetic, and community building properties associated with public art enhance any space and community it’s in. This workshop will delve into how art institutions can create, collect, exhibit, conserve, and program public art. The workshop will also discuss the importance of public art and social practice. Creating public art in a specific community has the power to directly address social issues faced there, while interacting with and including the community.

Registration & Fees:
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GOG Members: $175.00
General/Non-Members: $275.00
Artist / Independent Art Worker $55.00
Students (with valid student ID): $45.00

Registration includes full-day attendance (approx 10:00 am – 3:00 pm EDT) and a comprehensive toolkit for each participant to take away with them. Visit our website to register.

Accessibility Needs:
Please reach out to Ashley O’Brien, Communications Assistant, at communications@galeries-ontario-galleries.ca if you require any accessibility accommodations or have questions.

GOG gratefully acknowledges the funding contribution from the Museums Assistance Program, and the Department of Canadian Heritage.


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