Fall 2019 Exhibitions at Dunlop Art Gallery


Mindy Yan Miller and Suzanne Miller, Needle and Thread, 2018, performance, Arizona State University. Photo: Anna Clare Spelman.

Dunlop Art Gallery

Liz Ikiriko: Flags of Unsung Countries

September 25 – November 15, 2019
Artist tour: September 25, 2019, 6:30pm, Sherwood Gallery

Flags of Unsung Countries charts artist Liz Ikiriko’s process to understand her father’s struggles as an African immigrant challenged with mental illness living in the Canadian prairies. The work asks several questions: What is required of a home? Do we choose to belong or does belonging choose us? Flags of Unsung Countries uses photography to map a path of the African diaspora. Ikiriko’s deeply personal and moving work explores memory, family and identity, and reimagines boundaries between past and present. Curated by Jennifer Matotek, Curator/Director. Sherwood Gallery.

A Stitch and Time

September 28 – November 3, 2019
Nuit Blanche Opening: September 29, 2019, 7pm– 12am, Central Library

Featuring installations, performances, workshops and community stitching sessions, A Stitch and Time investigates stitching as traditional practice, as activism, as a means of commemoration, and as a tool for community building and intercultural exchange. Curated by Wendy Peart, Wendy Peart, Curator of Education and Community Outreach and Blair Fornwald, Curator, Moving Image and Performance. Central Gallery.

Marigold Santos: MALAGINTO

November 8 – January 12, 2020
Artist Talk and Reception: November 8, 2019, 6pm, RPL Film Theatre

Marigold Santos’ practice explores the ways in which ideas of self-hood can become multiple, fragmented, and dislocated and then reinvented and recreated through a reflection of movement, migration and change. In particular, she returns to the memories associated with her family’s immigration from the Philippines to Canada in the late 80’s as an autobiographical point of departure, and considers the experiences of a young person coming to terms with a new sense of self in relation to their new environment. Negotiating narratives of the past and present results in the creation of a personal myth, a visual vocabulary influenced by the hybrid of Filipino and Western folktales of Santos’ early youth, the Canadian pop culture of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the science and social politics of that period, and the Canadian geography and landscape. Curated by Blair Fornwald, Curator, Moving Image and Performance. Central Gallery.


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