Erinn Beth Langille Welcomed as New Director of Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems, NSCAD University

NSCAD names new director of the Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems

NSCAD University is pleased to announce that Erinn Beth Langille is the next Director of the Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems, effective December 16, 2023.

Erinn Beth Langille (she/her) is an award-winning writer and arts administrator. She holds a BA in Political Science from Dalhousie, a BFA (Interdisciplinary) and a BA (Art History) from NSCAD University, an MA from the University of Essex in Modern Art and Theory, and her MFA in Fiction from the University of New Orleans. Previous to the Directorship of the Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems, Langille has been leading the Creative Entrepreneurship Lab at NSCAD. Her experience as a researcher at the Textile Museum of Canada as well as graduate administrative coordinator at the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans gives her an expansive perspective on supporting creative practices in all forms. Her writing has appeared in Canadian Literature, Maclean’s, the National Post, Bad Day, Billie, and The Arkansas Review: Journal of Delta Studies amongst others, and she has written artist catalogue essays for Hamilton Artist Inc., Mercer Union, and TRUCK. She has been a speaker, Jury member, or board member for such organizations as White Rabbit Arts, the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, START UP CANADA, and Arts NS, and is currently part of the Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning Working Group Project with the government of Nova Scotia. She was the co-founder and creative director of The Lemon Tree House Residency in Tuscany, Italy from 2013-2018. Her ekphrasis poem, “Take Away the Bells”, a commission by the artist William Robinson, was cast as a bronze plaque and displayed at the National Gallery of Canada from October 2016 to February 2017.

The Anna holds a unique role in Nova Scotia as a pedagogical gallery system; in fact, very few art and design university galleries are as deeply embedded in the learning process as the Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems, which mounts over 100 exhibitions and over 70 events a year, giving emerging artists hands-on experience for what is often their first solo exhibition.

The director oversees three distinct spaces – the Anna Leonowens Gallery, the Treaty Space Gallery, and the Port Loggia – as well as managing the Public Lecture Series, visiting professional artists, the archive and permanent collection, and public art on campus.

“The director of the Anna Leonowens Gallery Systems plays a key leadership role at NSCAD,” says Jana Macalik, Interim Vice-President (Academics and Research) and Provost. “They shape and contribute to the creative vision of our university, they provide curatorial leadership. With our preparing for a move to the port, this is an incredibly important role.”

“Erinn’s experience and vision make her the perfect choice for NSCAD and the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Her vision for the arts will offer exciting opportunities for community engagement. I was particularly moved by her enthusiasm for the power of art to promote tolerance and understanding of all viewpoints and identities. I am very excited about the future of The Anna under her guidance.”

“This feels like a homecoming for me,” says Langille. “The Anna Leonowens Gallery was the first space I saw myself as an active participant in the creation of visual culture. It was where I learned to engage, be critical, and be creative all at once. I am thrilled to build on the fantastic legacy of leadership before me, and to continue working with our talented staff, faculty, and students, enriching NSCAD’s preeminent experiential learning opportunity,” she says.

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