(em)brace | Michelle MacKinnon


Michelle MacKinnon, knotted, neatly I

Eastern Edge Presents:
(em)brace | Michelle MacKinnon

January 11th – February 22nd, 2020
Opening Reception & Artist talk, January 11th, 7 pm

(em)brace explores how the notion of home can endure and evolve, drifting between the deconstruction and adoration of things and people. Working with textiles provides a tactile link to familial memories of home–what is remembered, imagined or convinced to be. Blankets, mittens, socks and sweaters become disconnected from their more utilitarian intent, no longer serving their purposes associated with clothing and warmth, but rather act as a narrative of time and place. Through these systematically structured textiles, I calm the desire for permanence in an attempt to (re)familiarize and fit myself into a new understanding of what was, or still could be, home: an ever-evolving, restless, fragile and elusive notion consisting of many layered collections, both physical and remembered. A reminder that, as they depend on each other to exist, the self and home are inseparable.

Michelle MacKinnon is an artist and educator currently living and working in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. MacKinnon graduated with an MFA and BFA in Visual Arts from York University and has since taught at Memorial University of Newfoundland (Corner Brook, NL), York University (Toronto, ON) and Algoma University (Sault Ste. Marie, ON). She has participated in residencies and exhibitions internationally (Canada, United States and Russia), with an upcoming residency at Casa (Lethbridge, AB) and solo exhibition at the Grenfell Art Gallery (Corner Brook, NL) in 2020. MacKinnon is currently an Artist in Residence at the Grenfell Art Gallery.


Michelle MacKinnon, knotted, neatly II

Eastern Edge Gallery
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Artist: Michelle MacKinnon
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