Archipelago (Day by Day) by Daniel Evans

The DYSCORPIA 2.1 team is proud to launch four new virtual galleries: Stilled Digital, Animated Digital, Interactive Digital and 3D Digital. These new galleries feature work submitted by artists from around the world in response to an open call for creative works that think through the body and technology in the time of COVID-19. We also have a selection of essays as part of the launch. Our LIVE Digital Gallery has been postponed to 1st August 2020.


Still Life by Hailey Brancato

DYSCORPIA 2.1 is a continuation of the DYSCORPIA, an ongoing interdisciplinary project that questions the future intersections of the body and technology. DYSCORPIA started last year with an exhibition, symposium and catalogue. More information can be found on the DYSCORPIA website.


Tactile Transmission by Darian Goldin Stahl

The call for works is ongoing and open to all. Please email us at dyscorpia@gmail.com if you are interested in submitting and thank you for spreading the call. For more information and to enjoy the thought provoking works that were submitted to the Stilled Digital, Animated Digital, Interactive Digital and 3D Digital at this challenging and unprecedented time, please visit


For more information please email dyscorpia@gmail.com.