KAPSULA Magazine's digital companion to the Ideas Digital Forum

KAPSULA Magazine is delighted to announce the release of CRITICAL PATCH, a digital companion to the Ideas Digital Forum, hosted by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG) and the Ontario Association of Art Galleries in October 2018. As part of our collaboration, CRITICAL PATCH is freely available to download.*

* We recommend downloading the PDF in Adobe Acrobat X (10+) or Adobe Reader DC for optimal compatibility and interactivity. Activate images and texts in the issue with your cursor.

CRITICAL PATCH probes the present and future of digital technologies in arts institutions and artistic practices. The special issue features a review by Adrienne Crossman and projects and presentation excerpts from Alison Humphrey, Steve Daniels, Rozemin Keshvani, and David Bobier. CRITICAL PATCH is the second and final segment of a digital publishing project organized by KAPSULA in response to the Ideas Digital Forum—a two-day gathering of engaging conversation amongst arts workers about the role and impact of digital technologies on the ways we do our work. Each contribution offers another entry point for envisioning how digital technologies can help us address the challenges we face both within and beyond gallery walls.

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