Call for Proposals: 2025-2028 Exhibitions and Programming at Eltuek Arts Centre

Onni Nordman, Nostalgia Net

2025-2028 Call for Exhibitions and Programming Series

Deadline for proposals: September 6, 2024, 5:00PM ADT
Location: 170 George Street, Sydney, Unama’ki (Cape Breton), Nova Scotia
Review, selection and notification: October 2024
Installation of work: 2025-2028

About Eltuek Arts Centre

Eymu’ti’k Unama’ki, newte’jk l’uiknek te’sikl Mi’kmawe’l maqamikall mna’q iknmuetumittl. Ula maqamikew wiaqi-wikasik Wantaqo’tie’l aqq I’lamatultimkewe’l Ankukamkewe’l Mi’kmaq aqq Eleke’wuti kisa’matultisnik 1726ek.

We are in Unama’ki, one of the seven traditional and unceded ancestral territories of the people of Mi’kma’ki. This territory is covered by the Treaties of Peace and Friendship which the Mi’kmaq first signed with the British Crown in 1726.

Ketu’-keknuite’tmek aqq kepmite’tmek ula tela’matultimkip wjit maqamikew ta’n etekl mtmo’taqne’l. Ula tett, ula maqamikek, etl-lukutiek l’tunen aqq apoqntmnen apoqnmasimk aqq weliknamk Unama’ki.

We wish to recognize and honour this understanding of the lands on which we reside. It is from here, on these lands, that we work to create and support a culture of self-reliance and vibrancy.

Eltuek (êl·du·ehg) is a Mi’kmaw word that means “We are making (it) together.” The (it) refers to whatever it is (we) decide to make – a meal, a conversation, a painting, or a poem. We do it together. The name, Eltuek, was shared by the Eltuek Elder Advisors, with the intent that Eltuek Arts Centre is accessible, inclusive, and continuous.

Eltuek Arts Centre, a 36,000 square foot arts centre in Sydney’s North End, aspires to provide artists and the community with an open, vibrant, creative, supportive, and experimental space for arts and social change.

Our mission is to make space that nurtures creation, connects artists with each other and with the community, and invites engagement with the arts as a means of individual and community empowerment for a more honest and just society.

We strongly believe in all the benefits of the arts to communities—their ability to transform places, give people hope, give people a new way to see themselves and the world, start conversations, connect, challenge, bring joy. To this end, we want to make the arts more visible—to give people a place to work that is safe, inclusive, affordable, and beautiful. Eltuek Arts Centre aspires to provide artists and the community with an open, vibrant, creative, supportive, and experimental space for arts and social change.

Ian Funke-McKay, In the Garden, Corridor Gallery, 2023

We are excited to announce that applications for exhibitions are now open. We seek proposals for 2025-2028 in our dedicated gallery space, Gallery 203, and other spaces in Eltuek Arts Centre, including Gallery 211, Gallery 209, Corridor Gallery, and the Bell Tower Lounge.

Who Should Apply

  • Contemporary artists working in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Equity deserving artists from underrepresented communities who have not historically or fairly been represented in exhibitions, which include Indigenous, Black, artists of color, 2SLGBTQIA+, women, artist parents, artists with disabilities, and more.
  • Emerging artists and/or artist groups and collectives who are in the early stages of their artistic development.
  • Professional artists.

Applications are welcome from emerging and professional contemporary artists working in a wide range of disciplines including but not limited to visual art, film and video art, sound art, installation, sculpture, intervention art and performance art.

Proposals will be reviewed by a peer assessment committee and selected artists will receive professional artist fees (CARFAC schedule as a minimum for corresponding year).

Waltes Night, Gallery 203, 2024

Submission Requirements

We are looking for proposals that are strong in aesthetic and conceptual elements. Projects that are original, timely, challenging, contemporary, and innovative.

Curriculum vitae, resume, or biography of the artist(s). Artist teams, groups, or collectives are welcomed. Full contact information must be included.

Artist Statement outlining experience and proposed concept for exhibition. Three pages maximum.

Proposed Budget with a breakdown of costs including but not limited to artist fees, consultation fees, materials and supplies, fabrication costs, install scope, travel, etc. Final selection of exhibition proposals will depend on budget approval between the Artist and Artistic Director of Eltuek Arts Centre.

Support Material, to a maximum of 10 examples, with an annotated list of all images submitted that includes the following information for each work: title, medium, dimensions, and year of completion. Please include carefully selected support material that demonstrates the quality of your work. This may include images, audio files, or examples in other formats. All support material must be attached to your email submission. If you are submitting a hard copy in person or via the post, please ensure high quality print and digital copies (USB) submitted or link to hosted content. Running time for sound and moving image files should not exceed 10 minutes per work.

You must include a list that itemizes the support material included in your application. This list should include title, medium, date of production, and size or duration for each work. Lists may be annotated to include relevant information that may provide context to the jury. All files should be clearly marked with the artist’s name, title of work, and duration.

Erik Moskowitz + Amanda Trager, Double Song-Portrait (X), Gallery 209, 2023

How to Apply

Proposals will be accepted by email on or before the deadline to Eltuek Arts Centre at You will receive an email notifying you of your successful submission.

Proposals may also be submitted in hard copy by mail or hand delivered, if preferred. These proposals and support material will not be returned.

Please submit physical proposals to the following address by the deadline date. Items must be postmarked by that date if they are to be considered by the jury.

Physical copies can be sent to:

Eltuek Arts Centre – Call for Exhibitions and Programming Series
General Delivery
170 George Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 1J2

This is a barrier-free and inclusive process. Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements by phone, text, or email to participate in this Call for Exhibitions + Programming Series.

Deadline for Proposals: September 6, 2024, 5:00PM ADT
Please note timelines are subject to change.

For questions or more information, please contact:
Melissa Kearney, Artistic Director
902-539-9560 EXT 232 (Landline to leave message)

Eltuek Arts Centre
170 George Street, Studio 315
Sydney, Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island)
B1P 1J2

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